Fancy Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

Fancy Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

With the advent of the internet people for the first time are getting to see diamonds up close and in great detail. This has led to an explosion of knowledge into the world of diamonds. Insights into the various cuts that are available to purchase. Fancy shape engagement rings have now moved front and center. They are now for so many people a popular choice of Engagement ring. Luckily there’s so many shapes to choose from that there is something for everyone.

The round brilliant diamond had reigns supreme (and still does to be honest) . There has also been a movement towards more unusual shapes of stones. Modern diamond cutting techniques have also improved enormously over the past decade. The quality of stones being produced is at the highest level ever achieved.

Any diamond that is not a round brilliant cut(shape) falls in a category of ‘Fancy Cut Diamonds’.

The ‘Fancy Cut Diamond category includes such shapes as Pear, Oval, Princess, Emerald cut, Cushion, Radiant, Heart shape to name but a few. There are also some more unusual and lesser know diamond shapes such as Trilliant Cut, Octagonal Cut and Kite Cut Diamonds.

Here are some of our more popular Fancy Shape Diamonds.

The Oval Shape Diamond

At present the oval shape diamond as the second most popular shape of diamond after the round brilliant diamond. Due to its fantastic shape the coverage of an oval cut diamond can appear larger that a round brilliant diamond of equal weight. For example a properly cut round brilliant diamond should have dimensions of 6.5mm. A similar weigh Oval cut diamond of 1ct will have dimensions of approx 7.5mm x 5.5mm.

The Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond was until recently the most popular fancy shape diamond. It is a square cut diamond with corners. Some square shape diamonds do not have corners such as the cushion cut diamond. The princess cut diamond is a beautiful and sparkling diamond due to being very similarly cut to the round brilliant diamond.

fancy shape engagement rings - princess

The Emerald Cut Diamond

The Emerald Cut diamond although it doesn’t sparkle as much as a round diamond oozes sophistication and class. It is a classic cut of stone and its timeless beauty has impresses through the ages. For those looking for classic and understated beauty the Emerald Cut Diamond must be a definite consideration. Due to the large table on the Emerald cut diamond and the ability to ‘see into the diamond’ a higher clarity should be considered such as a VS or a VVS.

 fancy shape diamond - emerald

The Cushion Cut Diamond

Another very popular shape of stone is the cushion shape diamond. It is similar to the princess cut diamond but with more rounded features. Cushion cut diamonds are often referred to a pillow cuts. In the old days they were referred to as ‘old mine cuts’. Another feature of the cushion cut diamond is that although it is said to have less brilliance than a round brilliant cut diamond it has more fire i.e more red flashes of light coming off it.

Fancy Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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