Yellow Gold Engagement Rings – The resurgence of a classic

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings – The resurgence of a classic

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings have always held a place dear in our hearts. Maybe it is due to the natural warmth of the Metal. Maybe it is due to the history and folklore behind it. Possibly it is just because it is the first gold that we saw as children on our mothers’ fingers.

For whatever reason, Yellow gold is the epitome of wealth and glamour and value.

What are Yellow Gold, White Gold And Rose Gold?

For as far back as history has been recorded wealth has been measured in gold.

Gold in its most natural state is yellow in colour. 24-karat gold is pure gold. Pure gold is too soft to make jewellery out of and so an Alloy is added. An Alloy is any metal added to a base metal to give the base metal different properties such as strength, durability and hardness. The addition of an alloy also changes the colour of the gold and in jewellery, the most common types of gold used are white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Types Of Gold

White gold is created by the addition of palladium which is another precious metal that has recently increased in value to the same levels of Gold. When 18kt white gold is created it is approximately 75% Yellow gold and 15%-20% palladium and 10%-5% other metals that act as hardeners, such as silver etc.

Rose gold is created with the addition of copper to yellow gold as well as a small amount of silver. Rose gold is not as common in engagement rings as yellow or white gold but is also a wonderful choice of metal. There is no maintenance required with rose gold and it looks amazing on Irish people’s pale skin tones. In The 19th century, Rose gold was a very popular choice due to the availability and relative cheapness of copper as an alloy. Rose gold has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past 10 years(Micheal Kors effect).

Yellow gold is Gold’s natural colour and has often been described as having breathtaking beauty. For thousands of years, it has adorned kings and leaders and has been dusted off for ceremonial occasions.

Although gold finger rings have been around for thousands of years, In more recent past (100 years) gold rings with Gemstones have been given as engagement rings. Yellow gold has always been the most popular engagement ring metal/material across the world. In the past 20 years, White gold and Platinum have surpassed yellow gold engagement rings to become the number one choice of metal.

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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Comeback.

At Loyes Diamonds we have seen a huge upsurge in interest in yellow gold engagement rings again. It is difficult to put our finger on it but most likely it is because white gold and platinum have become so commonplace that people are now reverting back to yellow gold to attain something a little different. Yellow gold at one time was seen as an ‘old persons gold’ due to it being worn by our mothers and fathers and grandparents. This has had an about turn 360 degrees and nowadays yellow gold is very much in Vogue again. We always say that the shelf life of a classic I forever.

Although trends come and go, when something has passed approval for such a long time it will always be seen as dependable and of course beautiful.

The tone of yellow gold always showcases a diamond to it fullest. It complements the diamond rather than detracting from it.

Yellow gold engagement ring

Loyes Diamonds and Yellow Gold Engagement Rings.

At Loyes Diamonds we have clients coming from all corners of the country. People come from Galway, Limerick, Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Donegal and Sligo for our engagement rings.  Distance in this day and age is no factor when choosing your engagement ring. For something very special – Having your dream Yellow Gold Engagement Ring made is what we specialize in.