Engagement Rings Kildare

Engagement Rings Kildare

Are you googling searches for engagement rings Kildare?

At Loyes Diamonds we have recently seen an upsurge in the amount of couples coming to see us from County Kildare. People seeking the perfect engagement ring. It is not surprising really considering our offices are only 40 minutes from Kildare Village.  Also like Kildare village we also have ample parking outside our Building on Baggot Street Lower in Dublin 2.

One such couple who come to see us recently are Edward and Eva. The couple had visited all the shops in Kildare and the surrounding Co Kildare area. They took the advice of a friend who had purchased a bespoke diamond ring from us recently. Eva made an appointment for a Saturday afternoon. As we requested they brought with them photos of rings that Eva had spotted online. Eva had also browsed the engagement rings on our website. She wanted to tweak some of the features of one of the rings we have on our website.

From Kildare In Search of A Diamond Ring

Like their friends who had recommended Loyes Diamonds to them, Eva And Edward were looking to have a custom-made diamond ring. This is a fantastic option as they can tweak various aspects of a ring to help suit their budget. Eva was keen to have a square shape stone in the center.  Also some side stones to give the ring more diamond coverage with less budget. Eva loves the retro Art Deco period look and opted to accentuate the square center stone with some square side stones in a very linear fashion very typical of the Art Deco period.

We showed Eva several types of square diamond such as Princess cuts, Cushion cuts and Asscher cuts, Eva was unfamiliar with Asscher cuts but just fell in love with the stone the second she saw it. She knew it was for her!

This is often the feeling a lady gets when she sees a stone and knows……that is ‘the one’.

kildare engagement rings

Asscher Cut Diamond

After consulting with us regarding the metal and the design we set about making a computer aided design of the ring (CAD). We kept Eva abreast of the design every step of the way. When Eva was 100% delighted we proceeded to the making of her engagement ring.

Engagement Rings Kildare And Across Ireland.

Edward and Eva were just blown away with the resulting ring they received from us. There is only so far you can go with CAD and images of what the ring will look like. It’s not until the ring is sitting on the clients finger that you can appreciate the quality and beauty of a custom made bespoke diamond ring.

Loyes Diamonds will guarantee that you are 100% satisfied with the resulting ring. As Eva Commented to us …. “I’ve literately looked in every shop and at all the engagement rings Kildare had to offer but nothing comes close to this ring….. I absolutely love it!“… that’s what we like to hear!

We use our own metals in the casting process and are confident that it is the highest quality you will find available in Ireland today. All of our stones whether it be diamonds or another Gem are hand chosen.  We use the best quality available and examine each stone individually.

You will be blown away with the resulting Engagement ring.


Make an appointment to come in and discuss with us the ring of your dreams and we will make it a reality.