Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings are a popular piece of jewellery all over the world. In what ever country you are in you will discover that people are wearing diamond earrings or some such version of diamond earrings.

Throughout history the wearing of earrings has been a part of culture for thousands of years and with very good reason. The Earring draws attention to both sides of the face. As such they are a piece of Jewellery that is clearly noticeable as we look at the face when talking to each other. In all cultures both men and women wear earrings. Both the style of earring and the positioning of such earrings can even have meaning depending on the culture.

Types Of Diamond Stud Earrings

By far the most popular choice for diamond earrings are the Diamond Stud Earrings. At first glance seem to be a simple design until you scratch beneath the surface. The design and size of diamond and metals used in its creation. You may be surprised at the various nuances and differences. So when creating Diamond Stud Earrings you may be surprised at how this relatively simple design actually has a wide variety of setting techniques and styles.

Four Claw Diamond Stud Earrings

Four Claw Diamond Stud Earrings

The four-claw diamond stud earring setting is a very popular choice. Quite simply a four-claw diamond stud earring has four claws or prongs holding the diamond secure in its setting. Claws may be ‘rounded’ or ‘pointed’ or ‘squared off’.

Earring Claw Styles

Three Claw Diamond Stud Earrings

This beautiful style of setting is also referred to as ‘Cocktail glass setting’ due to its shape. It is a minimal style of setting with just three claws holding the diamond securely in place. “Is the diamond safe” is a question most asked. The answer is Most definitely ‘yes’. So with the minimal amount of metal on the stone the three claw diamond stud showcases the diamond to its fullest.This style of setting may also be called martini glass style.


Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings

Bezel set earrings are a setting style where the diamond is set in a sleek and smooth metal encasement. Just the top side of the diamond exposed. The rim or girdle of the diamond has a continuous strip of metal holding the diamond in place very securely. It is a popular misconception that diamonds with bezel settings sparkle less. This is not true. Light enters a diamond through the table facet and then is redirected upwards by the pavilion facets. It is the crown facets which refract the light. This gives us the blue,red and white flashes of light. More commonly known a fire brilliance and scintillation. Another name for Bezel setting is a rub-over-setting.

Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings with Halo Jackets

One of the best thing about buying Diamond Stud Earrings is that if you buy the correct style and shape you may also be able to add a removable halo when you wish to change the style of the earring. These Jackets are simply a removable halo which can slip on and off over the Post (stem) of the earring. So they then slide up to give the illusion that the earring is a halo style earring.

Jackets For earrings

Another fantastic possibility is that you can change the stones on the halo to give a different look. For example depending on your mood or clothes colour scheme you might want a change. Popular choices for earring Jackets are Sapphire Earring Jackets, Emerald Earring Jackets and Ruby Earring Jackets. Whatever precious stone halo you choose to accompany your diamond studs, diamond stud earrings will only be enhanced further. The addition of a beautiful halo is amazing.

Diamond Stud Earring With Sapphire Halo

You may also change the change the shape of the halo on the Earring. For example some people will put a cushion shape diamond on a round brilliant shape stud. Thereby making the earring appear more square shape than round.

Diamond Stud Earring With Sapphire Halo

Earring Shopping

When buying a pair of diamond earrings you can be assured you will be buying a piece of Jewellery timeless, beautiful, and classic. The bottom line is that a pair of Stud Earrings can dress up any outfit. They can pretty much fit into any situation or occasion as something desirable and gorgeous. Diamond stud earrings can either be worn casually to the Pub or Formally to any occasion.

What size diamonds should I go for?

Loyes Diamonds specializes in diamond earrings. As such we know that one of the most often asked questions is, “what size should I go for”. Size is determined by budget In most instances. Even if the budget doesn’t allow it, our diamond experts have few tricks and methods that can be employed to increase the size . Because of this you may achieve the size you really wanted to achieve. We can reduce colour and clarity as well as looking at lab grown diamond options. Lab diamonds have really made large diamond stud earrings a very accessible option. Prices of such lab created stone have come down recently as natural diamonds prices have increased.

The most popular size of earrings are the .50ct – 1ct diamond size per earring

Diamond Chart

If you would like to discuss more options you may call us or email to start the conversation.

Diamond Earrings make an excellent push present after the birth of a child or for instance but also wonderful gift to celebrate an extra special occasion.

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