Best Engagement Ring for Short Fingers

Best Engagement Ring for Short Fingers

We often hear the question asked ‘What is the best Engagement ring for short fingers’.

‘Hands down’, If we had a Euro for every comment we hear most when placing a ring on a finger…”my fingers are too stubby or chubby, fat or wide, very long or very skinny, big knuckles” etc.

Pretty much everyone has an opinion that their fingers, mostly Negative. For some reason they often think they should be something different then what they actually are.

Your fingers are perfect and we have the ring to suite your fingers best.

We like to think that all fingers are perfect, and it is in fact the ring width or shape that is incorrect for the finger it is being put onto that may make the ring not look right for the finger.

Hand Finger Ratio

Some people often refer to short fingers as fat fingers and this should not be the case. It is being hard on yourself and It is not helpful to yourself. Disparaging to ones self esteem to view such hands with a judgemental and quite often negative eye should be banished in no uncertain terms.

When looking at the hand and finger ratio very often the finger length is being viewed in comparison with the palm of the hand length and this may cause the appearance of shorter fingers rather than larger hand palms.

If indeed your fingers are shorter then average and you would like to give the appearance of longer fingers, we have some tried and tested tips for you.

Short Fingers Enhancement Tips

Choose Elongated stones.

It is advisable to look for ring bands and stone shapes that will make the fingers look longer. There are many different shapes of diamonds out there but we advise to choose elongated stones. These will in turn which will elongate the fingers.

Such stones as

  • Emerald cut diamond but elongated and not square emeralds
  • Oval Cut Diamonds that are set lengthways
  • Marquise shape diamonds
  • Pear shape diamond
  • Kite Shape diamonds are more unusual but very effective.

Marquise shape

Oval shape diamond for short fingers

Oval shape diamond

Kite shape diamond for short fingers
Kite shape diamond

emerald cut diamond for short fingers

Emerald cut diamond

Make Sure the Ring Band Is Thin

This will also give the appearance of a longer finger. Wide bands take up too much of the lower finger and can make the fingers look even shorter. You also don’t need to stack wedding rings and engagement rings and eternity rings on the same finger. There is no hard and set rule, but if you do decide to go down this route then keeping the bands thin will look and feel a lot better.

Too many rings on short fingers

Too many rings on short fingers

No Tight Bands

The band should definitely fit correctly. A band that is too tight will create the dreaded ‘muffin top finger’ and will just make the fingers look chubby. Your Jeweller should have the experience to fit a ring perfectly to your finger size. There are techniques and tips that every Jeweller should know such as when to use beads or bridges so that a ring will fit comfortably without movement.

Muffin top fingers

Muffin Top Fingers!

Engagement Rings For Short Fingers

When it comes to Engagement ring advise for short fingers we advise again to try avoid the wider ring styles and enhance the finger size with longer looking rings. You might think that this approach may inhibit your choice of ring styles but you would be surprised that there are literally endless different styles that will suit.

Here are some style of engagement rings for short fingers.

The Classic Marquise Solitaire Ring

This style ticks all the boxes. It is elongated at both ends and has a classy and elegant look that it simply owns.


The Oval Diamond Solitaire

Slightly moving away from the classic round brilliant shape diamond solitaire is the ever so elegant Oval solitaire engagement ring. With the popularity of Oval shape diamonds soaring over the past few years these elegant shape diamonds are simply delicious.

Oval Diamond

Moving away form a solitaire style of ring but keeping with the elongated theme.
This is the beautiful three stone Emerald Cut with tapered baguette diamond sides. This three stone is a classic and was the engagement ring given to Grace Kelly by Prince Rainier of Monaco. There is elegance of the long lines of the Emerald cut diamond and the slimming attributes of the tapered baguettes. It emanates class and sophistication. With this style of Engagement Ring it is still best practice to keep the Emerald Cut Diamond Elongated. Keep the Tapered Baguettes small just to emphasise the band and highlight the centre stone.

Emerald with tapered baguettes for short fingers

Emerald with tapered baguettes

Halos/ Antique style Engagement rings are a bit of a ‘No No’ for short fingers.

There are some rings which should not be overlooked. When the stones in the halo are kept small and serve just to enhance the centre stone the effects can be quite stunning. Keeping to the rule of elongated stones being used for the centre the engagement rings can be enhanced by the allure of the halo.

For one last piece of advice. Try and keep things petite and simple. Quite often you will find that less can actually be more. Try on lots of styles and as always follow your gut instinct.

Your first instinct is quite often the one that is most important. Trying to will yourself to like a style because you had your heart set on it will only cause upset down the road.

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