Best Engagement Rings For Long Fingers

Best Engagement Rings For Long Fingers

What are the best engagement rings for long fingers? As with our previous blog on ‘Best Engagement Ring For Short Fingers’, we often have clients who come to us saying ‘ my fingers are too long, to skinny, to bony, my knuckles stick out, etc etc. Be assured that for every person commenting regarding short fingers there are people out there with long fingers commenting also.

And once again we like to think that all fingers are perfect, and it is in fact the ring width or shape that may be incorrect for the finger it is being put onto that may make the ring not look right for the finger.

So with long fingers what should I wear? The answer is quite simply the opposite to the previous blog. That is to say wider fuller stones will shorten the length of the finger. Wider bands will also help to make the hand look fuller and shorten the appearance of the finger length.

With longer fingers this gives the wearer more scope for dramatic or fuller styles which will in turn shorten the appearance. Quite often the results can be quite elegant and graceful.

Best Engagement Ring for long Fingers

Long Fingers Shortening Tips

When a person with perceived ‘long fingers’ is looking at rings it is advisable to look for ring bands and stone shapes that will make the fingers look longer. That is to say we choose round or square stones which will shorten the fingers. When trying to lessen the length of the finger larger and wider styles of rings achieve this.

  • Rounds,
  • Princess cuts,
  • Square emerald cuts, Asscher cuts
  • Radiant cuts.
  • Cushion cuts.
  • The band can be wider than usual as the finger allows for this and it helps give the illusion of a more full/wider finger.

Split bands / split shoulders will cover more of the lower finger

Big Knuckles with Thin Fingers

This is a feature we most often see. We say feature because it is not a problem but more of a characteristic of fingers of women with particularly thin hands and fingers. The key here is to purchase an Engagement Ring that slides gently over the widest part of the finger i.e the knuckle. Then what we like to do is place either beads of a bridge on the lower part of the ring to stop it rotating on the thinner part of the hand. This of course is done in our workshop with the ring not on the finger. Then when you place the ring on your finger it slides over the knuckle pressing at fleshy part of the lower finger and the ring then does not spin. You will not even notice it is there and the ring will feel so much better when not annoying you by turning.

beads on a ring for big knuckles

Beads on a ring for big knuckles

Round Brilliant Engagement Rings

The classic round Brilliant Engagement Ring looks amazing on any finger but on a long thin finger it is best to go large or go halo to make it appear larger. If your heart is set on a solitaire and the larger solitaires are out of budget then maybe try switching to a Lab Born Diamond. This will give you extra bang for your budget without losing out whatsoever on appearance.

Remember to try with a thicker bands (Avoid thin bands) to shorten the finger, so the band does not look lost on the hand. Also remember that with the addition of the wedding band this will also be achieved.

Princess Cuts with Halo Engagement rings

The more square shaped cuts diamond such as the Princess or the Cushion or the Asscher cut diamonds when adorned is a beautiful halo will really add width and size to the ring. This will give the desired effect of shortening how the finger appears and drawing attention to the ring.

 Princess cut halo engagement ring

Princess cut halo engagement ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

Similar to the Princess cut the Cushion cut when adorned with a halo will give width to the ring and cover the finger as required. With cushion cut diamonds it may be possible to have a square cut cushion diamond or an elongated cushion diamond. The elongated cushion having one side longer than the other. It is a matter of preference which way you would like the elongated cushion set i.e lengthways of widthways but either way will provide the desired effect.

Cushion cut halo engagement ring

Cushion cut halo engagement ring

Double Halo Engagement Rings

For the wow factor and to load the finger with bling the double halo engagement rings have it all. The double halo of shimmering diamonds will defiantly catch the eye as these breathtaking designs incorporating numerous melee round brilliant small diamonds will twinkle and bedazzle the viewer. Particularly made popular in designs by Tiffany. These ‘Solese’ rings have the WOW factor. Show stopping even!

Double halo engagement ring

Split shoulders / Split band

Another trick to employ is to try a ring with a split band. Some bands are split into two bands but some are even split in into three. Although not for everyone it is worth considering this option as it will absolutely achieve the desired effect and cover much of the lower finger.

Split band engagement ring

Cluster Engagement Rings

Keeping with the ‘more is more’ theme the cluster Engagement rings are will balance out the finger and bring more proportion to the hand.

Cluster engagement ring

Final Piece of advise for Best Engagement Rings For Long Fingers
Try on many styles and don’t be afraid to try the more flamboyant styles. Wide bands , split shoulders, square stones and you should be on the right path.

Make an appointment with Loyes Diamonds and come in and without any pressure or time constraints try on several of the styles mentioned here today and we will guide and help you make the perfect choice for that Perfect ring.

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