Choosing Men’s Wedding Rings – The Ultimate Guide

Choosing Men’s Wedding Rings – The Ultimate Guide

Choosing mens wedding rings in the past might have been overshadowed largely by the focus on the female’s choice of jewellery but we believe men’s wedding rings should be a carefully considered choice too! In same sex couples too, choosing men’s wedding rings is a fun activity to do together in the lead up to the big day. This whole process of choosing the guy’s wedding ring may be emotional for young men whose naked fingers have until now shied away from having ornate and meaningful decoration. It has been our experience that with Irish men it can go one of 3 ways….

  1. The devil may care; I’d wear any washer type.
  2. The “I would like a nice piece of jewellery when this is all over” type.
  3. The thorough types who have spent a lot of time thinking about their choice of jewellery for the big day…

People can be quite surprised when it comes to men’s wedding rings in terms of the variety and subtleties/differences that can be found and the veritable feast of choices available.

Type Of Metal

Let us start with the choice of metal as this may also dictate the style of ring you may wish to choose. The types of metal we use to make our wedding rings are precious metals such as Gold (white, yellow or rose), Platinum and Palladium.

Approximately 80% of our clients opt for Palladium. This is mainly due to two reasons:

  1. It is less expensive then gold or platinum but is still a precious metal
  2. It is hard wearing and easily maintained.

Palladium is a white looking metal and is almost identical in appearance to Platinum.

Gold is the second most popular metal for men’s wedding rings. It is essentially the classic and traditional wedding ring material. Many men are now opting for rose gold (for warmth) and even white gold to match their partner’s ring. When opting for white gold most men are choosing the un-plated version of white gold which is slightly off white and not as bright as maybe their partner’s choice of ring. Another option is to mix the types of gold into the ring; the resulting wedding ring can be stunning.

Platinum is an excellent precious metal from which to craft wedding bands. It must be said that it is expensive and reason it is expensive is twofold.

  1. It is rare and therefore expensive
  2. A platinum ring is 97% pure and whereas an 18kt Gold ring is 75% pure. i.e. more of the precious metal in the platinum ring then in the gold ring.

Platinum is an excellent choice for anyone suffering with sensitive skin or shin allergies as it is hypoallergenic.

Choosing Men’s Wedding Rings – Profile, Width, Gauge, Finish

The above are all separate factors which determine what the ring will look like. We will take each one in turn.


This is the shape of the ring. That is to say the curvature both on the outer surface and one the inner surface of the ring. Curvature of the metal is called ‘court’ and a find may be slightly or heavily court both inside or outside or alternatively flat.

Traditional Style or standard fit.

This is where the inside of the ring is flat and the outside of the ring is curved.

Flat style.

This is where the inside of the ring is court and the outside of the ring is flat.

Domed Style or D-shaped ring.

This is where the outside of the ring is domed or heavily court. The inside remains flat.

Comfort Style.

This is where both the outside and the inside of the ring are court.

Ring Width.

The width of the ring is self-explanatory. Most men opt for between 4mm and 8mm rings. Generally, rings are 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm wide.

Ring Gauge.

Ring Gauge refers to the thickness of the walls of the ring.


  • Lightweight rings are approx. 1.5mm thick.
  • Midweight rings are approx. 1.8mm thick.
  • Heavyweight rings are approx. 2.1mm thick.

Choosing your mens wedding rings with a Finish.

This is a pattern or cuts placed upon the surface of a wedding ring. Popular finishes include Matte finish, Polished finish, Chamfered edges, cut lines, milgrain, engravings.

Rings with Precious Stones

A recent trend in guy’s wedding rings has seen the addition of precious stones into their wedding rings. Popular choices include diamonds and/or ruby and/or sapphire. Another thought is to place the birthstone of their partner into their ring.

Fingerprint and Specialist Engraving

With modern technology and the introduction of newer more advanced tools into the goldsmith and engravers arsenals, there has come into being the possibility to really personalize your wedding ring. Although many still choose the traditional engraving of names and dates, there are those who choose to go that little step further and personalize the ring with such things as their partners fingerprint or soundwaves of them saying the words “I do”.

We hope you enjoyed our look into the world of choosing mens wedding rings and I am sure this has given you food for thought. If you would like to make a booking to view or collection of rings encompassing almost all of the features mentioned above please do not hesitate to call us and arrange an appointment.