Diamond Certificate Guide

Diamond Certificate Guide

When buying a diamond it is imperative to ask for a diamond certificate guide. For most men in Ireland when purchasing an engagement ring (or a pair of diamond earrings) the world of diamonds can feel a little overwhelming. It is something completely foreign to us and lets face it – Diamonds are a considerable expense to most.

Everyone likes to get value for money but we also like to know what we are paying for is authentic and we are not being sold a pig in a poke or something that is not what the seller claims it to be.

What is a Diamond Certificate?

A Diamond certificate is also called a Diamond grading report and is a document issued by a third party giving an opinion as to what the characteristics of the diamond are. This third party is not affiliated to the Diamond Mine, The Diamond Cutter/polishers or the Diamond wholesalers. The Laboratory that grades the diamond act independently and gives an unbiased opinion based on standards they have set themselves.

These Laboratories use similar grading systems that involve several characteristics of the precious stone. Features such as Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cut Grade are the stable of these certificates with Polish, Symmetry and fluorescence also featuring across the most respected certs.

What Is The Best Diamond Cert?

The simple answer we would give is the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) We find that their diamonds are consistently of a more unified quality. That is to say their grading is consistent with little variation.

Some Diamond dealers and wholesalers would argue that the GIA is the best know commercially with the best marketing and other laboratories are just as good if not better.

The HRD has a very strong reputation also and is a fond favorite of those in the know i.e. Not the best known but known by the best. We also sell HRD stones and have found them to be of a very high quality and often times on a par if not exceeding the GIA in quality.

IGI stones have their place. IGI are also a very well respected and regarded Laboratory and have a reputation is exceptional. It must be said that although the IGI has an excellent reputation it is generally considered a rule of thumb that the Grading on the stones is in general one category less than that of the GIA. For example if the GIA say a stone has an G colour then the IGI will grade the stone as an F colour.

At Loyes Diamonds we sell GIA, HRD And IGI stones.

What to Look For On A Diamond Report?

The diamond report is a very thorough document and covers in in depth detail of the diamonds characteristics and measurements. The certificate offers such information as

  1. Diamond’s grading date
  2. Laser inscription (cert number)
  3. Cutting style and diamond shape
  4. Carat weight (there are 100 points in 1 carat)
  5. Measurements (in millimeters)
  6. Color grade (ranging from D to Z)
  7. Clarity grade (F, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1 I2, I3)
  8. Cut grade (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Poor)
  9. Polish grade (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Poor)
  10. Symmetry (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Poor)
  11. Fluorescence grade
  12. Table %
  13. Depth %
  14. Culet size
  15. Girdle thickness
  16. Proportion diagram
  17. Diamond plot showing all blemishes and inclusions (both internal and external)
  18. General comments

Independent Diamond Certification

There are many retailers who will make such ludicrous comments as ‘Oh we don’t recognize the GIA etc’ or ‘we prefer to use our in-house diamond/gem specialists’ etc.

Run and Don’t stop running.

If you allow a retailer to grade a diamond themselves and not hold an independent diamond report you are looking for trouble and it is extremely possible that their in-house specialists has graded the diamond in their favor.

Get Real – Get A Report/Cert.

Loyes Diamonds have studied Diamond grading. Helping you to understand what you are reading on a cert is our expertise. Pointing out the differences between stones and advise you on what is best for your budget.

Its our bread and butter and what we specialize in.

Make an appointment and come in for a no hard sell chat and let us help you find or create your dream engagement ring.

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