Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab grown diamond engagement rings are taking the jewellery world by storm. Never before has there been such a buzz around the jewellery industry. Lab grown Diamonds have received both positive and negative opinions from those in the know.

What is a Lab Created Diamond?

Are lab created diamonds real is the question most asked. The simple answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. The only difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural mined diamond is its origin. Lab grown diamonds are ‘born’ in a lab using the most high tech equipment and technology ever seen in the jewellery industry. The process used is simply speeding up the process of growing a diamond naturally. The results are indistinguishable to that of mother nature. The resulting diamond is physically, chemically and most notably optically the exact same as earth grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are not Cubic Zirconia.

Diamonds grown in a lab are not Moissanite either.

Lab grown diamonds are sometimes referred to a Synthetic Diamonds. Although this term is technically a little off. This is because synthetics are not used but rather pure carbon is used in the making.

Lab grown Diamonds

How are Lab Grown Diamonds made?

First we should look at how natural diamonds are formed. It is believed that the origin of Diamonds is trapped pockets of carbon and carbon dioxide 80 to 100 miles beneath the earths surface. These pockets are exposed to heat in excess of 1200 centigrade and pressure of 330,000kg per square inch. Over millions if not billions of years the diamonds are formed.

The diamonds are then transported closer to the surface by deep volcanic eruptions which transport the diamonds to the earths crust. This is where we mine for them.

Today Lab Grown Diamond are created by using one of two different processes.

1) High pressure and high temperature (HPHT).
2) Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

HPHT is basically where a seed (a tiny diamond) is placed surrounded by pure carbon. This is then exposed to very high temperature (1500 Celsius). It is then pressurized to approximately 680k kg per square inch. The pure carbon melts around the diamond seed and through carefully controlled process the temperature is slowly reduced. Hey presto a diamond !

CVD is where a seed…again a tiny diamond or even a HPHT diamond is placed in a chamber. The chamber is then filled with carbon gas and a secret sauce of other gasses. The chamber is then heated to 800 Celsius. Then lasers and plasma inducing machines ionize the gas which forms diamond on the seed and it just becomes on big diamond.

Are Lab Created Diamonds certified?

Absolutely. Lab-Grown Diamonds are certified and graded the very same as mined diamonds. There are several laboratories that are independent to the mines, manufacturers and wholesalers of diamonds. They give an unbiased opinion of what the diamonds grade are in relation to such factors such as Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat. Three diamond graders grade each diamond and the best two out of the three are what goes onto the certificate.

Loyes Stock diamonds from the most reputable Diamond Grading Laboratories are the GIA, HRD and the IGI.

These certificates should instill confidence in a purchaser of a diamond as to what they are paying for. A reputable jeweller should be able to guide you regarding which laboratories are the best.

Why Should I buy A Lab-Grown Diamond?

  • Environment – Diamond Mining has a substantial impact on the surrounding environment. As the way we treat the planet has come in the limelight in recent years as we become more aware on our footprint on the planet. In fairness to diamond mining companies they have been acutely aware for many years now of how they are perceived and have made moves to correct their past indiscretions. Lab-grown diamond have significantly less impact on the environment and growing a diamond is a lot cleaner than digging it out of the ground.
  • Ethics – Blood diamonds came under the spotlight 20 years ago when news broke that the mining and dealing of diamonds was funding wars in sub-tropical countries. People were being exploited and families were subjected to violence. The introduction of the Kimberly process in 2003 has all but irradiated this problem. Lab-created diamonds will give the buyer piece of mind that such blood diamonds are being avoided. Two scientists squabbling of who makes the tea is about as near to a war as these diamonds have gotten.
  • Less Expensive – Significant savings may be attained when purchasing a Lab Grown diamond engagement rings. The reason behind the cost saving of a Lab Grown diamond is the fact that the supply chain is much shorter and thus they go through less hands that must take their cut. Although a lab-grown diamond goes through much the same cutting, polishing and grading the mining process takes a substantial cost to add to mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are not cheap diamonds but they are less expensive.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Dublin

At Loyes Diamonds we have a passion for helping our clients get the best lab grown diamond engagement rings for their budget. We relish seeing that customers are fully satisfied with their purchase. Both Mined Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds engagement rings are not cheap. They are a considerable purchase in a young couple starting out in life together and as such we strive to help couple as much as we can to make the best choice for themselves. We all feel we have a responsibility to our environment and a move towards ethical and environmentally friendly diamonds must surly be a move in the right direction.

At Loyes Diamonds we enjoy a solid relationship with the most reputable and respected producer of ethical diamonds. Make an appointment to view your options in our Lab-Grown diamond range and explore with you options of what you may achieve for your budget.

We also offer a full bespoke diamond ring service if you would like to create your own diamond engagement ring. We are specialists in helping couples design and create their dream ring.

You don’t have to design your engagement ring yourself because at Loyes Diamonds we have over 300 beautiful Engagement Rings for you to choose from and can make most rings to suit any budget.