6 Tips For Finding The Perfect Ladies Wedding Ring

6 Tips For Finding The Perfect Ladies Wedding Ring

Summer it traditionally the time when weddings occur the most and it is time for many to seek the perfect ladies wedding ring. Flowers are in full bloom and the seemingly endless days elevates everyone’s moods. Wedding fever grips our conscious as both celebrities and even Royals tie the knots of matrimony. All the while sending the media into a totally over the top critique account of everything from nail polish to hair clips. These glossy and tailored images and people captivate our imagination and its always nice to hunt for ideas and dream about rings and designs.

We do draw the line regarding finding your ring on the internet…. it is probably a good idea to use it as a reference but not to purchase or be drawn-in by glossy images before you actually try on a ring with your engagement ring. There are many requirements that should be considered when purchasing a wedding ring and here are just six to help you on your way.

1) The Wedding Ring Design.

The most important consideration that you should have regarding your wedding ring is the design. Will clash or complement your engagement ring design ? There is absolutely no point in having a wedding ring that is awesomely beautiful to go along side another awesomely beautiful ring (engagement ring) if the do not complement each other. It is just a question of taste and often times it can be a case of ‘to each there own’.

Wedding rings and engagement rings don’t necessarily have to be a perfect match but it is a good idea that they complement each other and possess an interaction or synergy between themselves. Consider things that may clash… such as metal colours and shapes of diamonds. Throw in other coloured gemstones and and you can quickly ‘over egg the omelette’ and be uncomfortable with the results. You do not wish to overshadow or overwhelm the larger more expensive engagement ring but rather complement it as best as possible.

You may also wish to create your own bespoke diamond wedding ring. We can help you with that also. 

2) Wedding Ring Budget

Weddings are expensive. That’s a given. We feel that couples should be a little greedy when it comes to their wedding ring. Spoil themselves to get what they really want rather than settle for what their budget allows. If they need to trim some other part of their wedding expense than so be it.  Here is the reason why….

After all the cake is eaten, and the drinks are finished, the speeches are over, and the songs are sung people will start to leave. What is the one thing apart form memories and photographs that is left? The wedding rings. The wedding rings play such a pivotal role in the marriage that we advise couples to be a little selfish and forget about the rest in this instance.

Even if the male in the relationship says ‘I won’t be wearing it’ or whatever he grumbles, it is very nice for him to have a wedding ring for special nights out or family occasions or to attend special functions.

So get with it and get what you want, you wont regret it.

3) Lasting Style

When choosing a wedding ring it is of great importance to choose something that you will be comfortable to have on your finger for the rest of your life. We don’t want to pressure you and often some ladies get a little upset of apprehensive that they are making the write decision. One of the reasons for such pressure being placed on finding the right one is for some (although not all) they feel that these are the rings that will be blessed and as such will hold more than just sentimental value.

All is not lost though if you find that the style you choose a few years ago is now not to your liking. It is possible to melt down the original ring and have it recast into a ring more to your liking. 

4) Match your Metals For Ladies Wedding Ring.

If your engagement ring is 18karat gold regardless of colour (yellow, rose or white) we advise to match your wedding ring with the same metal. The same is true if you have a platinum engagement ring we recommend a platinum wedding band also. It doesn’t have to be a steadfast rule of course. For longevity with rings that may be possibly rubbing against each other for 50 or 60 years it is wise to have them the same metal. The hardness of each will prevent one from wearing down the other.

5) Match your Diamonds.

We would also advise that you match the diamonds on your wedding ring with the diamonds on your engagement ring. It can look a little unsightly when one ring is totally outperforming the other. The engagement ring and wedding ring are a pair forever. They should be treated as equals so match up on colour and clarity and cuts.

6) Contoured wedding bands or straight wedding bands.

Again, this is a personal preference. Some ladies will not wear their engagement ring at different times in their lives. Reasons such as security when traveling in a foreign country where a diamond ring may be considered ostentatious. Or perhaps when the lady has had a baby and is regularly feeding him/her. She doesn’t want to catch the ring in cloth or perhaps even scratch the baby.

Whatever the reason, it should be considered what the ring will look like. Is possible to wear it without the engagement ring?

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