Engagement Ring Online | Should I Buy Online?

Engagement Ring Online | Should I Buy Online?

Buying engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases we will make in our lives. Getting it correct is so vital. When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring the question we are often asked is, “is a good idea buying engagement ring online”. The reason is invariably the price is so competitive. It is advisable to take a step back and look at the two ways of making your purchase and weigh out the benefits and detriment. Hopefully we can iron out some questions and help you make the decision in a fair and even-handed unbiased manner.

Online Engagement Ring Buying.

In the discussion surrounding online versus brick and mortar shopping there are some serious drawbacks that should be brought to your attention that you may not be privy too.

People tend to forget how astonishingly new the internet is. Even tough it has encapsulated every aspect of our lives the regulation has been slow in forthcoming and unfortunately this paves the way for shysters and con artists. The risks are real, and you should be aware of them.

Ordering a ring online without first viewing the product is asking for trouble. The industry in severely under regulated and we have heard many horror stories and also seen lots of shockingly poor-quality rings that people have purchased online.

Most people buy online seeking to save some money but in the end being very upset at what they received.

Some unscrupulous operators have failed to deliver anything at all leaving the purchaser high and dry.


Why are online engagement rings so cheap?

There are many reasons why online engagement rings may be cheaper than that bought in a shop.

  1. The stones may be of an inferior quality.This will seem very confusing to the public as the diamond they are purchasing online may possess the very same certification characteristics. The laboratories that certify/grade diamonds are both far and wide and as such there may be a discrepancy between one laboratory over another. One laboratory may be a little ‘looser’ on their grading than the other. Even within the same laboratory there may be a slight difference between one stone and another whereby one stone was graded rather harshly whilst another was given ore benefit than it deserved.  In essence even diamonds with the same certification scores may be priced differently to each other.
  2.  The mounts used for the ring are mass produced and this cuts down on labor costs and quality of rings suffer as a result. For instance, a ring exhibiting porosity (small air bubbles in the metal) that should be tossed back in the melting crucible may be permitted or unknowingly pass muster.
  3. Quality is slightly sacrificed if the client is a faceless postal delivery. Small inconsistencies that would be questioned by a local ‘hands on’ jeweller (such as a slightly bent claw or a stone not sitting correctly) would be ‘let slide’.

It really is a case of getting what you pay for. When you pay for a ring to be custom made rather than mass produced you can be assured of quality.

Advantages of not buying and Engagement Ring Online.

When you purchase from a recommended jeweller whose reputation has been endorsed by others. Also having plenty of positive customer reviews you will rest easier.

  • The ring will be made from scratch with your exact requirements taken into account.
  • Made to your exact finger size with no need for resizing.
  • The materials used will be the finest available.
  • Aftercare is second to none.


When you see a ring deal on the internet that looks too good to be true you are probably right. It is.

You cannot possibly compare the quality and craftsman/woman-ship of a ring that is bought from a reputable jeweller. Make an appointment and come talk to us about your dream engagement ring. We will glide you through the process of creating the dream engagement ring you always wished for.

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