Affordable but not cheap engagement rings

cheap engagement rings

Cheap engagement rings are not what you need in your life. They cause problems in the future that you definitely do not need. Lets face it folks the boom times are pretty much over for the foreseeable future. We see our clients being ever more careful with how and where they spend their hard earned money.

Value For Money

Everyone likes to see value for money. With all the expenses of modern day living it is important to have a realistic approach to the purchase of such an outlay such as a diamond engagement ring. In these trying time people don’t stop getting engaged and married. They do find ways to stretch their money further and achieve that perfect engagement ring for a fraction of the price. Many people these days are looking for affordable but not cheap engagement rings.

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring In Dublin Ireland

Depending on whom you listen to you will be quoted many old traditions. Example: A gentleman is expected to pay between 1 and 3 months salary for an engagement ring. This has been cut back considerably in the current climate as the economic woes continue for many.  This has been complicated by the fact that Gold has risen by an incredible 500% in the past decade. Diamonds have risen by 50% since 2007.  Help is at hand though.

Our rule at Loyes Diamond is a simple one –

“Only spend what is comfortable for you to spend”.


cheap engagement rings

Talk is Cheap Engagement rings are not.

Don’t be swayed by what others take it upon themselves to tell you what you should and should not spend. We have found that these days many men propose with a token ring instead of a real diamond ring. The advantage is that when a lady has said yes to the proposal they can both then go shopping together. The ‘mock rock’ or ‘token ring’ should be a cheap engagement ring.

Often times a man shopping alone for the perfect engagement ring for his partner may assume that bigger is better and choose a ring that may not be what their girlfriend would like at all. When the proposal is over and a couple have agreed to get married they will often times agree a budget together. Also depending on their circumstances adjust their requirements to suit their budget.

Making Dream Engagement Rings Come True

At Loyes Diamond we are experts at helping a couple find or make a ring to suit their budget.  We all like to see dreams come true. Loyes works hard  among the many different attributes of a diamond in order to try and provide satisfaction and a lasting happiness. We want to see gasps and smiles when the engagement ring is collected.  Often times couples will budget for all three rings together when buying and engagement ring. The three rings of course are the engagement ring and then his and hers wedding rings.

Tips when buying a Cheap engagement ring

A tip when buying an affordable engagement ring on a tight budget. If you like the ‘bling’ aspect and want a big ring for a considerably less expensive price. Buy a ring with many small stones rather then a ring with just one large stone. A diamond that is twice as big as another is NOT twice the price. Diamonds as they get bigger are rarer to find and so the price increases considerably as the weight increases. For instance a 2 carat diamond may be 20 times more expensive then a .5 carat diamond. But four .5 carat diamonds may be clustered together to accentuate the size of the diamonds in the ring and deliver the scintillation and sparkle that we all love so much.

Choosing and Engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring should not be an intimidating time for a couple.

  1. Do a little research done at home online and get advise from a reputable jeweler. You will then be best prepared to make a more informed choice and insure value for money. On our website we discuss a lot about the various characteristics of a diamond including the 4 c’s i.e., colour, clarity, carat, cut.
  2. There are also other factors to consider and cost should defiantly be one of them. It is advised to have a budget in mind and to try and stick with it.
  3. At Loyes Diamond in the privacy of our beautiful surroundings we will informally guide you in a non push informative consultation. Purchasing and engagement ring is momentous occasion. It is also a great expense for a couple starting our in life together.
  4. All of our clients receive equal treatment and care and understanding regardless of budget. We have hundreds of styles of rings to choose from. Affordable engagement rings but not cheap engagement rings.
  5. We also have hundreds of different diamonds to choose from to suite every budget and quality.

Certified Diamonds In Dublin

Loyes Diamonds carry a wide range of certified diamonds.

  1. These diamonds are certified by the most recognized and respected diamond grading laboratories in the world.
  2. Almost all of our diamonds are laser inscribed diamonds. This insures that the diamond on the certificate is the diamond you are looking at i.e the stones authenticity.
  3. Each diamond has its own blue print which reads like a map to show you any characteristics of the stone.

Loyes Diamonds also offers a bespoke diamond ring service using bespoke diamonds and bespoke mounts. Our rings are designed by the best in the business in Ireland.  Our lead manager has over 35 years of experience and is respected and recognized amongst their peers in the Jewellery industry.

Diamond Certs For Engagement Rings

Independent Jewellery Valuation

All Loyes Diamonds engagement rings come with an independent Jewellery Valuation. This also contains all the diamonds characteristics and the details of the certification number.  This valuation is a requirement for insurance companies. Insure your valuable engagement ring. Should anything happen you can rest assured that your replacement ring is every bit as good in quality as the one lost.

At Loyes Diamond we sell affordable engagement ring but not cheap engagement rings.


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