How to find out your girlfriends ring size

How to find out your girlfriends ring size.

So you would like to surprise your girlfriend with either an engagement ring or a dress ring but don’t know her ring size. Don’t worry help is at hand. Here are some tips to find out ring size.

Rings can be sized upwards or downwards but we would always like to get the size correct to within 2 sizes especially if there are diamonds set on the band.

Here are a few ways to help you get an approximate finger size to us without her knowing.

Plan A

When she’s not around, temporarily “borrow” a ring that she wears on her ring finger and trace the inner part of the ring on a piece of paper. This will help you find out ring size. Be sure to return the ring immediately and then match your tracing to one of the ring sizes on the printable ring-sizing chart –

Plan B

Take her ring and place it on one of your fingers. Draw a line around your finger where the ring falls. When you come into see us at Loyes Diamonds we will size the ring to the mark on your finger. Its an easy way to find out ring size.

Plan C

We have heard of people using a small hotel soap to make an impression. When she’s not around, press the ring into the soap to make an imprint. Be sure to wipe the soap residue off the ring and return it to its proper place. You can then either bring in the piece of soap to us and we will measure it or you may print off our ring sizer and match it to size against the impression in the soap.

Plan D

Take the ring and slide it down a tapered candle. Mark the candle where it falls. When you come into see us at Loyes Diamonds we will size the ring to the mark on the candle.


Another tip that we give guys(and gals) who are planning a surprise proposal and a slip up that many make is – when browsing engagement rings and scheming for a surprise proposal make sure you erase the history from any computer or devise that you are using to search the internet. Women have a superior sixth sense for sniffing out this type of thing so you have to be extra careful!