Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings

A very popular choice for engagement rings is the Halo Engagement Ring. The halo engagement ring is sometimes called the Antique engagement ring or the vintage engagement ring. There are slight differences between the two.

Halo Engagement rings are among the top four styles of rings that are purchased today. Other popular styles are A solitaire, A solitaire with diamond Shoulders (sometimes called melee rings), and also multi-stone engagement rings.


What does a Vintage Engagement Ring Mean?

Halo engagement rings have been available to buy for over 150 years. Metallurgy has improved throughout the centuries the techniques and setting styles have also changed. With the advent of computer-aided design and with the new development of new tools in design and production, the world of halo rings and engagement ring design, in general, has been blown open. This has led to the most mind-bending and fabulous designs one can think of. Diamond-encrusted rings have been made accessible for those on even the smallest of budgets. What was once the preserve of the rich is now available to purchase from jewelers throughout the world.


A Halo Engagement ring in general terms is a center stone of varying shape surrounded by a ring or halo smaller stones. These smaller stones are called ‘melee’. Melee may come in a variety of shapes but predominantly are round-shaped diamonds. These small diamonds may also be set in a variety of shapes. Melee may be set using differing styles/techniques such as pave set, grain set, or scallop set. Another style of setting is shared claw.


The shape of the Halo is usually contoured around the center diamond. The edge or contour of the halo can take on any shape such as round, oval, radiant/cushion shape, or square.

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halo engagement ringhalo engagement rings








The popularity of the Halo or Vintage Engagement Rings

The halo engagement ring is a very popular choice of ring for many reasons.

Style - First and foremost is the beauty of this style of ring. Many Halo engagement rings have a single halo or double halo (popularized by Tiffany) and even triple halo rings or more. These rings are simply gorgeous and enough reason alone to purchase one.

Price - Because smaller stones are much less expensive than larger stones clients can attain much more ‘bang for their buck. By spreading the diamonds over a larger area than having just a single larger stone as in solitaire. Halo engagement rings look larger than solitaires.

Sparkle – With so many smaller stones all over the ring there are just so many facets that halo rings will sparkle with fire brilliance and scintillation when moved in any direction. Halo Engagement rings often sparkle more than rings with fewer stones.

Size / Larger ring – If a lady requires a larger ring but is on a tighter budget a halo ring may be an excellent choice. Halo Engagement rings look larger than a ring of similar carat weight by spreading the carat weight over more stones costing far less.


If you are considering one of our halo engagement rings, we would love to hear from you.

Not only do we have many styles to choose from, but we also can help you design a ring from ideas or pictures that you bring to us.

We use our metals in the casting process and are confident that it is the highest quality you will find available in Ireland today. All of our stones whether they be diamonds or another Gem are hand chosen.  After examination and we use the best quality available.

We are confident that you will be blown away with the resulting Engagement ring.

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