Precious Stone Rings versus Diamond Engagement Rings

Precious Stone Rings versus Diamond Engagement Rings

Precious Stone Rings

Precious Stone Rings have been around for quite some time but recently we have seen a huge resurgence to claim larger part of the market having spent many years of existing in the fringes. The return of coloured gems in the bridal jewellery collection does not mark the end of an era of diamond engagement rings but rather the stepping out into the light women with a passion for something different from tradition.

With every passing day, the number of wearers of these delightful and majestic rings is increasing. Consequently, jewellers such as Loyes Diamonds are coming up with more and more unique designs to tantalize and interest the clients tastes. Diamonds make up 90% of sales in the engagement ring categories but there are other precious stones that are offering the lady that would like something different options to consider.

Why Coloured Gemstones When You Have Diamonds

This is possibly the first question that is you may ask yourself. Diamonds are definitely forever, but sometimes some people would just like to try something a little different. After all we all have different tastes and this is why Loyes Diamonds keep such a large stock of precious stones to satisfy every choice.

With coloured gemstones, the choices grow incredibly and some people just want to break free from the constrictions of tradition. We are at a point in time when breaking free from all traditional and trends and new ideas and fresh fashion and tastes is what keeps us moving forward. Surprisingly enough, moving to introduce coloured gemstones into engagement rings is not a totally original but more of a shift back to older times many of the ideas of which can be seen idea as ideas taken from vintage jewellery styles. So, it is essentially a retro parade. Besides, who wouldn’t like a scintillating pop of colours in their engagement rings?

Another great progression within the industry is the cutting and polishing techniques and technology uses to provide an amazing array of cuts similar to diamonds with their various shapes such as emerald cuts, princess cuts, round brilliant cuts, oval cuts, cushion cuts, pear cuts and marquise cuts.

Combining Coloured Gems with Diamonds

When combining coloured gems with white diamonds the possibilities are endless. Choosing a coloured gem engagement ring doesn’t essentially mean you should discount diamonds altogether. On the contrary, most bridal engagement rings engage the use of coloured gems among diamonds for the maximum aesthetic attainment. The beauty of coloured gems is that they accentuate, highlight and complement many of the characteristics of diamonds such as red and blue tones of a diamonds fire and scintillation.

Furthermore, in contrast to this there are designers who (sometimes)controversially make clever use of other gemstones that may clash powerfully with the features and colours of the diamond creating contrast that will again accentuate the diamond creating a visual texture of contrast between the two stones.

Here are eye-catching combinations of coloured gems with diamonds that qualify as timeless, as far as timeless in jewelleries is concerned.

Ruby Ring with Diamond Accents

Ruby and diamond precious stone ring

The deep alluring shades of red in rubies has long been held in esteem as the colour of passion, and thereby makes a potential gem for engagement jewelries. But a stand alone rubies pales in significance when compared with a ring of rubies with diamonds. The ensemble of the dark and neutral shades is near-magical as far as aesthetics is concerned. Together, they make a sizzling statement. Ruby with diamonds in engagement rings are a natural choice. The crimson colour of ruby flatters all complexions while the diamond highlight makes the ring wonderfully conspicuous. Despite its lustre (ruby equivalent a diamonds brilliance) and fire, a ruby also has the advantage of being less expensive then a diamond and may bring down the price of a diamond engagement ring by comparison. You may view this rings further HERE

Sapphire Ring with Diamond Halo

Sapphire and diamond precious stone ring

Sapphires occur in many colours, but the most loved of them all are but two, blue sapphires and yellow sapphires. These colours with all their varying shades make a natural match with colourless diamonds. Sapphires both blue and yellow make an equally beautiful alternative to diamond rings. When chosen wisely both blue and yellow sapphires may exhibit deep and gorgeous colours and have an intense luminescence and a perpetually high refractive index. You may view this rings further HERE

Emerald Ring with Diamond Band

Emerald Ring with Diamond Band

Emerald and diamond precious stone ringLastly, if green is your colour, emerald is your go-to gem in jewelries. This deep, gorgeous and natural gem also known to as Cleopatra’s gem is the Gem of Queens. The Egyptian queen famously wore this stunning stone thus making a statement that was to last for centuries. Emeralds occur in many brilliant shades, deep green, dark green, sage and even green with a tint of aqua blue. Very few know this, but emeralds do occur in red too (sometimes called red Berel). However, for your engagement ring, a dark deep green emerald seated in a band inlaid with shimmering sparkling diamond is an excellent and beautiful choice. A well-cut emerald has a surprisingly high refractive index. Add to it the shimmering string of diamonds that may compliment in the halo or/and the shoulders of the band, the final product is a beauty to behold.

Practicality of These Precious Stone Rings

It is important to know that a coloured gem engagement ring is more than an impulsive purchase. The purchase of a gemstone ring like a diamond should be considered forever.

For those seeking something different to the traditional – a bright pop of colour is an alternate in a line of colourless diamonds, but the eyes alone are not the motivating factor behind the choice. So, here is your chance to get to know these stones better than a glimpse at a store window offers.

Coloured gems are valuable, with prices ranging on 4 chief factors, rarity and colour and vividness and of course size. Overly dark and overly pale tones are found at the bottom of the price range while those wearing Vivid and deep colours are categorised as the most expensive.

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