Nicky Hilton Gets Engaged

Nicky Hilton Gets Engaged

Nicky Hilton the hotel heiress has gotten engaged. The fashion designer who is 30 years old was in Italy last week when her boyfriend James Rothschild, who is a banker popped the question. James, a well brought up lad flew to the United States from the United Kingdom where he lives so that he could ask Nickys parents for their blessing on the marriage it is alleged. It is not know if he got Paris’s blessing though.

The couple met at Petra Ecclestones wedding when she married James Stunt in Italy back in 2011. Another small family affair with just 350 guests and costing a mere 12 million to host.

Todd Andrew Meister, who is Nicky’s childhood sweetheart and ex husband is said to be delighted for Nicky wishing her all the best for the future. They were married in 2004 in a slightly less lavish affair in Las Vegas.

So where do you think the couple are off to on their engagement celebration ? The adventurous young couple are off to Europe on a road trip and Nicky is keeping us all up to date with the roadtrip with pictures on instagram.

And what about the engagement ring you ask…….. well to tell you the truth Nicky has been very carefully keeping that under wraps. She has been seen walking around New York with a ring on her ring finder but with the stone turned inward…….. very teasing Nicky…SHOW US THE RING!