Engagement Ring Survey

Engagement Ring Survey

At Loyes Diamonds we have been reading many engagement ring surveys. Mostly about brides to be / engagement ring/ what women want and what men buy.  We decided to look over our records and make some phone calls. We called our couples/clients and try and gauge what the feeling out there is.  Research regarding certain topics when choosing and buying both engagement rings and wedding rings.

Some of our findings from our engagement ring survey have turned out to be very surprising.

Metal choices made.


Out of 100 couples surveyed we found that an incredible 75% of clients chose white gold.  We found that 10% went with Platinum and 10% went with yellow gold.  Emerging from the past is a resurgence in the popularity of rose gold and 5% of rings we have made have been rose gold this past year.  We think it is due to the Micheal Kor’s effect.  Furthermore the fact that some celebrities such as Blake Lively have chose it.  It looks great on Irish peoples fair skin by the way. We have all the various metals to try at your appointment.

With regards to ladies wedding bands. We always advise to match like with like so that one metal does not wear upon another. Of course they are both places side by side on the same finger. Essentially the results are the same for metal type wedding rings as for engagement rings.

When it comes to men’s wedding rings the results were quite different.

Due to the durability and price difference we advise men who are not keen on the whole wedding ring idea or whose jobs would involve a lot of physical demand on the ring to go with palladium. It seems a huge number have taken that advise. 60% of men who are looking for a wedding ring went with palladium. 15% of men decided to go with white gold and 15% and 15% went with yellow gold. 5% went with platinum and 5% bought titanium or other metal rings.

How much to spend on an engagement ring.

cash spend

Looking over our data on engagement ring purchases our engagement ring survey found that the average spend was €3500.

This breaks down into

10% spend between €1500 and €2500.

30% spend between €2500 and  €3500.

30% spend between €3500 and  €4500.

10% spend between €4500 and €5500

Another 10% go for rings of between €5500 and €6500.

A Further 10% spend €6500 plus on a engagement ring.

We always advise our clients to only spend what they are comfortable in spending.   Many folks forget to take into account when buying an engagement ring that soon 2 wedding ring will follow for both him and her. With the expense of a wedding in the mix couple should very carefully consider their budget. Again we would always advise on quality over quantity. Always remember that when all is said and done and the wedding is over and you start your long happy and prosperous lives together the one thing that will always be there to remind you of your special day will be the wedding rings you both exchange on your wedding day.

Who buys the ring.

Shared prong wedding set

Studying over the past you may be surprised to that approximately 50% of our clients are men by themselves. With Loyes Diamonds help pick or design a ring with which to surprise their loved one. Often times men come in with no idea about what they are looking for. Other men come in with a head-full of information garnered from the internet and other stores visited.  Loyes Diamonds has over 12 years in helping gentlemen choose the perfect engagement ring for their soon to be fiancé and will use her ample experience in this area to insure they get it right.

All said we have a money back guarantee so that if a gentleman picks a ring and his fiancé is not 100% satisfied you may come into our store and we will help you get it right.  If there is a case where the lady has seen a ring somewhere else then we will offer a 100% money back guarantee. It is such a momentous occasion in a couple’s life that we would like to ensure that everything is just right for both of you.

Approximately 40% of our clients are couples shopping together.  Couples come in together and support each other through the process.

10% of our clients are women coming in alone. With our help they choose the ring of their dreams.  We will also talk through the process of designing and supervising the design of the ring of their dreams.

By talking to our clients we have been informed of this common occurrence.  When an engagement ring time is approaching 80% of women do research online before visiting shops or attending appointment. Massive hints have more often than not been dropped from heights.

Shapes of Diamonds

When it comes to diamond shapes’ round brilliant diamonds are still the undisputed king of diamonds. These account for approximately 65% of diamond sold today. The round brilliant diamond has 58 facets. Due to the fashion it is cut and the amount of diamond dust lost in the cutting of the stone it is the most expensive of the diamond shapes.

Other popular shapes in our Engagement Ring Survey this past couple of years. Cushion shape – 15%, emerald shape-8%, pear shape-6% , marquise shape and asscher cuts-4% and other fancy shapes 2%.

Styles of Engagement Rings

 engagement rings

When it comes to the Styles of rings there are some fashions which come and go.

Approximately 40% of our clients go with a solitaire diamond.  Either of the classic 4 claw or 6 claw varieties and either with or without diamond shoulders i.e. diamonds on the band.

Solitaire engagement ring

Solitaire engagement ring


3 stone engagement rings account for approximately 20% of rings sold. Approximately half of these ladies becoming more adventurous and going for fancy cuts such as Asscher cuts or Princess cut or a mixture of rounds and pears etc.

three stone engagement ring

three stone engagement ring

The Antique style ring has made a huge comeback. Different variations of halos and diamond shoulders and mil-grain detail have once again made an appearance. This rings account for approximately 25% of rings bought from Loyes Diamonds.

Antique style ring

Antique style ring

Coloured stone rings, (80% of which are sapphires) have again become very popular. Particularly mixed with white diamonds have a particularly stunning appearance. These coloured stone rings of various gemstones account for approximately 10% of engagement rings bought.

coloured stone ring

coloured stone ring

Cluster rings make up only 5% of our sales. These popular for couples on a tight budget who would like to show some sparkle for a much more cost effective price.

cluster ring

Cluster ring

Whatever you choose, you can be assured that the metal and the craftsmanship is of  the best possible quality.  All of our white gold rings are made with 18ct gold and have a very high palladium content. This keeps the ring looking fresher for longer and requires a lot less maintenance. All of our diamonds are certified and fall withing the range of D-G in colour and flawless to SI2 in clarity. We offer free cleaning for life and also a free valuation certificate from an local independent valuer with would normally cost you 100 euro.

Looking forward to helping you find that perfect engagement ring. We hope you found some useful information from our Engagement Ring Survey.

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