Kim Kardashian and the diamond dust spray tan!

Kim Kardashian and the diamond dust spray tan!

Kim Kardashian is reportedly having a spray tan that covers her whole body in diamond dust spray tan for her wedding.

Why bother just tanning when you could tan with diamonds instead?

It’s being called as the “world’s most expensive spray tan”, and with a price tag of over $300 for a single session, you wouldn’t be far wrong. Kim Kardashian diamond dust spray tan and the natural shimmer that this exclusive service offers is perhaps not for everyone but women have been forming a line since the special tan service came back to the market last year at Selfridges in London and it is said that there mere months of pre-booking made even before the service became available. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of people wanting to try wants this new special diamond dust tan for themselves.

How does diamond spray tan work?

So how does it work you may ask? Well it’s basically what it says on the tin i.e. a salon spray tan that combines real diamonds with a traditional spray-on tan. So after a person has been covered in a mist of the spray tan emulsion, clients are then misted with a fine, shimmering diamond dust powder. As the tanning emulsion dries, the diamond dust adheres to the skin, creating an all-over golden brown glow and sparkle that tanner alone could never hope to create. Kim Kardashian diamond dust spray tan is what the process is being named.

Kim Kardashian, diamond dust, spray tan and other concoctions.

Over the past few years many makers of ‘Tan’ have offered diamond tanning products. Several companies offer tanning lotion that contains diamond dust. This long list includes Supre Luxx Diamond 70x bronzer and Cotton Candy Chocolate Cherries, which in a stroke of genius combined both the smell of chocolate with diamond dust, creating a product that provides women with two of their favorite things at the same time. Delicious and decadent!

There are also diamond lotions (such as Victoria’s Secret’s Luminous Body Lotion with Diamond Dust), facial exfoliating creams, nail polish, and foot scrub. Some of the other mind boggling concoctions on the marker are an ultra-luxurious shampoo with diamonds and meteorite dust in the formula. Kre-At Beauty offers fake eyelashes with tiny diamonds along the base.

Makers of the tan promise “The most dazzling and desirable tan ever created”…adding that ” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why confine them to just jewelry?

We couldn’t agree more… Now could we?

You go Girl!