How To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

How To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

There are several ways to enhance the appearance of your gem and tricks. If you’re passionate about glitter and want a ring that might compete with the celebrity’s bling.

So if it is not within your budget to initially buy a large stone or later change a stone, you may employ some tricks to enlarge the appearance of your diamond without incurring the additional expense of increasing its carat size.

We’ve compiled the greatest tips and tactics, from selecting cuts, forms and settings wisely to choosing thin bands and fewer prongs.

Read on for advice on how to make an engagement diamond appear enormous.

Get The Best Possible Cut

perfectly cut diamond

Based on the angles and facets that were cut into the diamond, the cut determines how well the stone will reflect light. It’s one of the four c’s.

The Gemological Institute of America rates a diamond’s cut as excellent, very good, good, or fair.

The diamond will appear bigger and reflect more light with a superior cut.
Make sure your diamond is expertly cut i.e. an excellent or Ideal cut.

In addition to being lovely and dazzling, a well-cut diamond with the right angles and facets will appear bigger.

The carat weight will be where it belongs (not carrying weight), enhancing the stone’s apparent depth.”

So how can you determine whether a diamond is well-cut when considering round diamonds? Only take into account stones with a GIA cut grade of “excellent”. Diamonds of any other shape than round are called fancy shape diamonds. There is no cut grade for any shape other than round, therefore you should seek the advice of a qualified gemmologist when looking to buy a fancy cut stone. In the end, you should have faith in yourself: You can tell whether a diamond is well-cut because it is dazzling and sparkling and makes you feel funny inside.

Round Diamonds Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

Which diamond cut seems the largest? Round diamonds seem bigger for their carat weight than many other cuts, in terms of form. Since the circular Shape is not as deep, the weight is more clearly seen in the look of the size of the stone. Here is a simple diagram with the sizes relative to weights.

Longer Diamond Cuts Can Give Your Stone An Even Bigger Look

Oval rings, are lengthy and take up a lot of space on your ring finger, which gives them the appearance of being larger. The oblong form of a marquise or an emerald also gives the impression that the stone is bigger. These three cuts all appear larger than their true carat weights.

 long diamonds

Don’t Use Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Some forms will look bigger than others, and vice versa. Since cushion-cut diamonds are deep set, a large portion of their carat weight is hidden beneath the surface. This is one of the most costly diamond cuts available when compared to carat size. Cushion cuts are beautiful diamonds, make no mistake about it but the bling-to-cash ratio is just that little bit less than other more ‘spready’ cuts.

Select Narrow Prongs

One ingenious technique for enhancing the look of your centre stone is to make something else less obvious: Look for a setting with a more subdued prong. “Instead of having the stone’s surface area covered by the prongs, you’ll see more of the diamond’s surface area.” Think claw also known as talon prongs.

different prong styles

Choose fewer prongs

You should seek rings with fewer prongs in addition to picking prongs that are slender. For instance, round-cut diamonds are frequently set with four, five, or six prongs. If you want to increase the size of your diamond, use fewer prongs that will draw attention away from the glitter.

four claw versus six claw prongs

Pick a band that is Bright White Metal

“For optimum brilliance and lustre, a white gold or a platinum setting will work as a mirror to reflect the diamond’s colourlessness. This gives the appearance of a larger stone. It serves the same purpose as adding a wall of mirrors to a tiny space to enlarge it, according to interior experts.

Be Receptive to Colourful Stones

Coloured gems stand out and seem bigger than a typical diamond. Choose light shades of pink, yellow, green, or blue that will deceive the eye and make things seem larger. They are also considerably less expensive and you will achieve a bigger bang for your buck.

Maintain Clarity and Colour Flexibility

Each diamond is given a clarity and colour rating. If ‘size’ is what you really desire, you might get the most for your money by selecting a bigger carat stone with a lesser clarity or colour. The diamond will continue to sparkle. The performance of a diamond is generally all down to the cut. Unless the diamond is very heavily included stick to the rule of cutover clarity and you will not be disappointed.

Pick a Fine, Delicate Band

A little, delicate band will contrast with the stone(s) and make them look heavier. In addition to picking a narrow band, go for one with a tapered middle. The pinched shank style of this ring will wonderfully highlight the centre stone.

thin band ring

A Halo or Cluster Setting Will Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

Our recommendation is to pick your setting carefully. For instance, halo settings include a core stone around a halo of smaller pavé stones. By using a halo setting or even double or triple halo, you may boost the carat weight of your ring without having to pay as much money for it as you would if you were to purchase a single diamond with the same total carat weight.

Antique or Halo Engagement Rings

Or, select a three-stone setting with side stones that are smaller

Keep the side stones tiny if you’re considering three-stone settings so they don’t compete with the primary stone for attention. This will give the appearance of more diamonds on your finger and will make your diamond look larger.

large centre diamond with smaller sides

Keep your wedding band and engagement ring on separate hands

If your wedding band is worn in addition to your engagement ring, it could make your smaller engagement ring look smaller. In this scenario, you can wear your wedding band on your left hand as usual while switching the engagement ring to your right hand’s ring finger. Although it is unconventional, it is distinctive, makes a statement, and guarantees that your engagement ring will stick out and sparkle.

Regularly have your ring cleaned

The shine of your diamond will be maximized if it is kept clean and polished. The diamond will look more dazzling the shinier and more captivating it is. However, if it’s unclean, it will appear little and dull. Generally speaking, you should have a jeweller properly clean your ring once every six months. You may clean your ring at home if it needs a little TLC in the interim.

When cleaning your ring at home, warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap should be combined. Your ring should soak for 20 to 40 minutes. After that, carefully brush the ring with a gentle toothbrush before rinsing it. Use a delicate cloth or allow it to air dry; do not use paper towels.

So that’s just some tips on how to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger. If you would like some advice on changing your diamond completely we would be happy to advise. Quite often as people go through life they decide that they are ready for a new engagement ring but want to keep the old one for sentimental value. There are many things that can be done and we would be happy to assist you at a consultation.

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