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Discover unparalleled elegance with Loyes Diamonds in Dublin, where finding your dream engagement ring becomes a reality. Experience our commitment to craftsmanship and quality in every unique design.
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Why Choose Loyes Diamonds?


Discover our Engagement Rings Collection in Dublin, featuring styles for every romance.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Timeless elegance redefined, our Solitaire Engagement Rings feature stunning single stones for classic beauty.

Solitaire with Diamond Band

Enhance the brilliance with our Solitaire rings, accented by a sparkling diamond band for added glamour.

Multi Stone

Celebrate a union with our Multi Stone rings, blending multiple gems for a symbol of complex, intertwined love.

Antique / Halo

Vintage charm meets modern allure in our Antique/Halo rings, offering a historic touch with a halo of light.

Coloured Stone

Dare to be different with our Coloured Stone rings, featuring vibrant gems for a unique, personal expression of love.


Explore our diverse engagement rings collection in Dublin, featuring a variety of shapes to match every style. From the timeless elegance of Round to the unique flair of Marquise, each shape offers a distinct symbol of love. Discover the perfect ring to start your forever journey.

  1. Round: Timeless elegance in a classic shape.
  2. Oval: Contemporary charm meets traditional grace.
  3. Pear: Distinctive, artistic, uniquely shaped.
  4. Emerald: Refined vintage allure, timeless romance.
  5. Princess: Modern fairytale, luxurious contemporary edge.
  6. Cushion: Classic romance with plush elegance.
  7. Marquise: Sophisticated, bold, uniquely elegant.
  8. Radiant: Luminous brilliance, everlasting sparkle.

We Offer the Best Engagement Rings in Dublin

At Loyes Diamonds, we take immense pride in our commitment to providing the best engagement rings in Dublin. With over a decade of experience and a team trained by the prestigious GIA in London, we are able to deliver a diverse selection of designs, ensuring that every couple finds a ring that perfectly encapsulates their love story.

With a range spanning classic, contemporary, and bespoke designs, we assure you that we can bring your dream ring to life. From selecting the perfect diamond to customizing every detail, Loyes Diamonds is here to create an exceptional symbol of your commitment.