What Order to Wear Wedding and Engagement Rings: A Dublin Perspective

Gold-colored ring with blue gemstone ring

Planning a wedding involves numerous decisions, from choosing the venue to selecting the perfect dress. Amidst all the excitement, one essential aspect that deserves careful consideration is the order in which wedding and engagement rings should be worn. In Dublin, Ireland, a city steeped in rich traditions and romantic charm, this choice holds a special significance. In this article, we explore the cultural nuances and practical considerations of what order to wear wedding and engagement rings, taking inspiration from Dublin's vibrant spirit.

Loyes Diamonds: Crafting Dublin's Finest Rings

Engagement Rings from Loyes Diamonds

Loyes Diamonds, nestled in the heart of Dublin, stands as a beacon of exceptional craftsmanship and quality when it comes to engagement rings. Their collection, ranging from timeless solitaires to bespoke designs, caters to diverse love stories. Each ring symbolizes enduring love, making the proposal moment truly special. As you embark on this journey, explore the various styles and designs, ensuring you find the perfect expression of your unique love.

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Wedding Rings for a New Chapter

Transitioning from engagement to marriage is a significant step, and Loyes Diamonds offers an elegant collection of wedding rings to mark this new chapter. From classic bands to custom creations, each ring symbolizes commitment and unity. As Dubliners embrace the tradition of wearing both engagement and wedding rings, finding the perfect pair becomes an integral part of the wedding planning process.

Eternity Rings: Celebrating Ongoing Love

For those seeking to celebrate significant milestones in marriage, Loyes Diamonds presents an exquisite collection of eternity rings. These rings, available in classic and custom designs, are perfect for commemorating the enduring journey of love and commitment. Discover the ideal ring to express your everlasting devotion and celebrate the milestones of a lifetime.

Expertise and Business Model

Decade-Long Expertise

With over a decade of experience in the diamond industry, Loyes Diamonds brings unparalleled expertise to Dublin's vibrant community. Their journey includes studies with the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London, showcasing a commitment to knowledge and excellence.

Direct-to-Customer Business Model

Loyes Diamonds follows a direct-to-customer business model, ensuring cost-effective pricing for clients. By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, they provide a transparent and accessible avenue for couples to find the perfect rings that fit their budget without compromising on quality.

Customization and Quality

Crafting Unique Diamond Rings

Loyes Diamonds takes pride in its ability to craft a wide selection of diamond rings, catering to diverse preferences. For those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind symbol of love, they specialize in creating bespoke rings tailored to individual preferences. Their commitment extends to sourcing ideal diamonds, even if not currently in inventory, ensuring each ring is as unique as the love it represents.

Personalized Service

What sets Loyes Diamonds apart is their dedication to personalized service. Each customer's love story is unique, and their team strives to ensure that every piece perfectly encapsulates that uniqueness. From the initial consultation to the final selection, the journey with Loyes Diamonds is a personalized experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

FAQ: What Order to Wear Wedding and Engagement Rings

Q1: Should the engagement ring go on first, or is it the wedding ring?

In Dublin's tradition, the engagement ring is worn first, closer to the heart, followed by the wedding ring.

Q2: Can I customize both my engagement and wedding rings?

Absolutely! Loyes Diamonds specializes in customization, allowing you to create a set of rings that reflects your individual style and love story.

Q3: What makes Loyes Diamonds unique in Dublin?

Loyes Diamonds stands out for its decade-long expertise, direct-to-customer business model, and a commitment to crafting unique, high-quality rings tailored to individual preferences.


In the enchanting city of Dublin, wearing wedding and engagement rings is not just a tradition but a celebration of love and commitment. As you embark on this journey, let Loyes Diamonds be your guide, providing not only exquisite rings but also a personalized experience that ensures your love story shines as brightly as the diamonds they offer. Choose the perfect order for your rings and let Dublin's rich cultural tapestry weave into the fabric of your special day.