Wedding Etiquette Infographic

Wedding Etiquette Infographic

Wedding Etiquette when Wedding planning and organisation can be challenging.  The protocol can be the elephant in the room.  While you are planning the happiest day of your life the pressure that goes with that mantle can increase because of stress felt.
This info-graphic serves as a type of checklist to try to remind brides and grooms-to-be of some of the finer points of wedding planning that they may forget. It also gives some advice on how to avoid the stress going with planning a wedding.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitation format and wording can have different meaning. Think about these listed particulars when planning.

Guests and Children And Etiquette

Who to invite and how many to invite is always an issue. How big or small an issue depends on you. Plus one rules or not.

Family Decisions and Wedding Etiquette

Some decisions should be made as a group. Wedding etiquette and family feelings unite.

Capturing The Day and Social Media Coverage

You may want to draw give guidance or set up special accounts.

Wedding Etiquette

Although Etiquette is a guide from which we may draw influence and help make things things run smoother. Times are always changing. Go easy on yourself and others and enjoy the occasion.


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