Unusual Diamond Cuts

Unusual Diamond Cuts

There are many choices of styles of engagement rings to choose from. There are many styles of wedding ring to choose from also. Some are more unusual then others. None the less the result of receiving such ring has always been to accomplish the same. Acceptance of marriage proposal and then the confirmation of marriage.

The Tradition Of Diamonds And Rings

The tradition began way back in Egyptian times when men first started giving their darlings rings. These rings to placed upon their fingers as a sign of monogamy so as to have and to hold that woman forever.  We cannot be so sure if in these ancient time if a nervous boyfriend while sweating profusely planned on how to ask his future fiancé‘s father for her hand in marriage but we are pretty sure that some things never change. Of course millions of people who have gone before you. They have gone through the same tried and tested routine with a little variation here and there. While many men propose on bended knee while others dream up romantic ways to surprise their future wives. Often with ever more daring and surprising ways to woo her and leave a lasting impression.

Women since these long gone times have of course had a taste for different styles of engagement rings and wedding rings. Also different stones set in them. There is also the choice of the type of metal used. The most often metals being used being gold or else platinum and sometimes palladium.

Varying Taste And Unusual Cut Diamonds

There are many varying engagement rings and wedding ring styles from which a lady may choose from. We find that many women like to show their uniqueness reflected in the ring they choose to have made and we are more than happy to help them along the way to building that perfect engagement ring.

Due to varying tastes and varying shapes of stones diamond cutters have come up with some unusual shapes of diamonds.  These diamonds are cut often times to make the best use of the rough diamond that is to be cut. That is to say that the diamond cutter wishes to have as little waste as possible but also to make the diamond shape as excellent as possible. The diamond must perform as well as possible i.e. the internal surfaces of the diamond must refract the light in the best possible way. Then it will exhibit the sparkle fire and scintillation.

The undisputed King/Queen of the diamonds shapes is the round brilliant diamond. With approximately 70% of the diamond sold being round brilliant being round brilliant there is a natural tendency towards this fabulous tried and tested stone.

Other stones that are not round brilliants are called “fancy cuts”.

Here are some of the more unusual diamond cuts.

Trillion Cut Diamond

The Trillion or triangular brilliant are most often used as side stones for other fancy shapes. If large and well cut or proportioned it can make for a stunning centre stone also. Some trillions come to very sharp corners while others have a more rounded and softer appearance.

trilliant diamond  trillion loyes diamonds dublin

Trillion Cut Diamond


Princess Cut Engagement Rings

After the round brilliant diamond the princess cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape. From face up it has a square appearance. The princess cut was developed in the 1960’s and gained popularity rapidly over the years. The princess cut is often called a square modified brilliant. It combines the reflective nature of the round brilliant with the unique look of a square shape diamond. At Loyes Diamonds we have many princess cut engagement rings for you to choose from. We can also create a bespoke engagement ring around any diamond of your choosing.

princess cut diamond Isabelle 1

Princess Cut Diamond

Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Rings

The heart shaped diamond is enduring symbol of love.  Although is much more popular set in pendants it is also set into engagement rings occasionally. The heart shaped diamond can come in a variety of profiles from fat to skinny. The most important feature or characteristic to look for in a heart shape diamond is symmetry. Doing this will insure that both sides are equally proportioned. When choosing a diamond look carefully at the cleft to insure it is sharp and well defined. You must also ensure that the shoulders or sides sweep down with a symmetrical curve to a point. When choosing a heart shape diamond Loyes Diamonds would advise to choose one over the .70 carats in weight. This is due to the fact that smaller diamond do not show the distinct shape as well.


heart shape diamond heart shape ring

Heart Shape Diamond


Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The marquise shape diamond is a wonderful elongated shape diamond. It accentuates the fingers and gives the appearance of a far larger diamond then the same carat weight in other stones. The name Marquise cut is believed to come from the Marquise of Pompadour.  Or perhaps Madame de Pompadour who was the official chief mistress of Louis XV of France. It is said that Louis XV had a stone fashioned to resemble what he considered to be her superbly flawlessly shaped mouth.

A perfectly cut marquise diamond will have an elliptical shape and is essentially an elongated oval shape diamond with a point at each end. Again the marquise shape diamond may come in either fat or skinny shape and again symmetry is very important when choosing this shape of stone. A marquise diamond should be set by the points to protect these points. At Loyes diamonds we have many marquise shape diamond rings.

marquise shape diamond  Marquise shape diamond engagement ring

Marquise Diamond


Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.

The Asscher cut is a beautiful square shape diamond cut and was first produced in 1902 by the Asscher brothers who were famous diamond cutters in those from Holland.

The Asscher brothers came to fame for cutting the worlds largest diamond the Cullinan rough diamond at 3106 carats. The cut peaked in popularity in the 1920’s but has seen a huge surge in popularity due to modified cutting techniques and design progressions.  The Asscher cut is very similar to the emerald cut but with larger step crown facets and a smaller table (the top facet). The corners of the Asscher cut are cropped giving the diamond an octagonal appearance. This cut gives the sophisticated look of an emerald cut but adds more brilliance to the overall effect. At Loyes diamonds we have many asscher shape diamonds. We can also design a bespoke ring around a design of your choosing.

asscher cut diamond   asscher cut diamond engagement ring

Asscher cut diamond.


Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.

The wonderful cushion cut diamond has seen a huge surge in popularity in the past couple of years and is basically a square cut diamond with rounded corners. The cut itself has been around for approximately 200 years and for most diamond rings made before the  start of the 20th century the cushion shape diamond was the most popular diamond shape.  The shape of the cushion cut may be square or elongated and this is a personal preference.

cushion cut diamond  cushion cut diamond engagement ring

Cushion Shape Diamond


To view all these diamonds cuts options make and appointment by emailing us or phoning. Although these diamond shapes are unique you may also wish to go down the route of having a bespoke diamond ring made especially for you. At Loyes Diamonds we specialize in helping you design the perfect engagement ring that you have dreamed of.  We can help you choose a diamond from our extensive collection or source one to specifically suits you needs. We have many associates all over the world enabling us to source a massive variety of stones of all shapes and sizes and colours. At Loyes Diamonds we have many cushion cut diamond style rings. We can also design a bespoke diamond engagement rings around a diamond of your choosing.

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