Price of an Engagement Ring in Dublin, Ireland

Price of an Engagement Ring in Dublin, Ireland

Engagement ring prices are dependent on a number of factors.

Buying an engagement ring is a daunting prospect for most men who decide to go it alone.

It’s not just the price of the engagement ring but the fact that they are entering a world that they know little or nothing about.  Added to the fact that they have been thinking of proposing for a while and have been told stories.  They have glanced in the windows of various jewellery shops to check out styles. Then there is the matter of the price of the engagement ring.  They might have a peek at the prices which can vary from the relatively expensive to the eye watering telephone numbers type of prices. Precious metals and precious gems do not come at give away prices and when proposing to a lady that you plan on spending your life with, there is the added pressure of:

  1. How will she feel about the ring, style, size etc.
  2. Have I spent enough on the purchase so as not to look like I’m cheap but not too much as to look too over the top…. in other words, is it practical and in fitting to her lifestyle and tastes?

Men shopping alone face the gamut of emotions and at Loyes Diamonds, we always try to assure men that unless they go for a ring

that is completely off the wall and contemporary to the extreme, the likelihood of a woman being disappointed is extremely rare. After all, it is the emotion of planning your lives and futures together as a couple and quite possibly as a family that take precedent over the actual ring. That said, any jeweller worth his/her sale should at the very least offer to exchange a ring if the lady is unsure about it and at Loyes Diamonds we offer a full money back guarantee should that need arise.

Exactly What Prices Should You Expect to Pay for an Engagement Ring in Dublin

engagement ring with diamond wedding ringEngagement-Ring-with-wedding-ringengagement ring with marquise cut diamond

The starting price for a diamond engagement ring with a .40ct certified centre is approximately €2000 – €2500 rising to eye watering numbers with increasing size and quality.

In Ireland, the most frequently purchased ring is between a .50ct to a .80ct.

  • €2500 – €3500 for a .50ct (plain band and diamond band)
  • €3000 to €4500 for a .60ct (plain band and diamond band)
  • €4000 to €5500 for a .70ct (plain band and diamond band)
  • €5000 to €7000 for a .80ct (plain band and diamond band)
  • €7000 to €1200 for a 1ct diamond ring depending on the 4C’s and certification.

There are many factors to consider when pricing the engagement ring such as

  • 1.) The metal chosen, most popular being white gold or platinum followed by yellow or rose gold.
  • 2.) What laboratory has certified the Diamond (usually GIA, IGI or HRD).
  • 3.) The four C’s of the centre stone (Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight)
  • 4.) Other such factors are Polish and Symmetry and Fluorescence and they will play a factor on the price
  • 5.) The complexity of the ring such as is the piece a bespoke made ring or incorporating unusual features, unusual stones or setting styles.

In essence, the average price of an engagement ring in Dublin today costs approximately €4k – €5k. Of course, many rings are sold at the 2.5k to 3.5k range at the lower end and the upper end price of €7-14k with anything over €15k being an exceptional piece.

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