How to clean your engagement ring

How to clean your engagement ring

A clean engagement ring will maximize the sparkle. We are often asked by our clients when they purchase an engagement ring from us how do I clean my engagement ring and other tips on how to care for it? Read on for tips on how to clean diamonds.

Diamonds are like magnets for oil from the skin and when placing or removing a diamond ring contact with them should be avoided. Hand lotions and perfumes also accumulate on your diamond limiting the brilliance and sparkle that the diamond displayed on the day you bought it. To get the most sparkle its important to clean your engagement ring regularly. By following our easy method you will be assured a clean engagement ring that will sparkle like the day it was bought.

Even touching a diamond in an engagement ring once can leave a slight film across the table (top) of a diamond and will diminish the light passing trough the diamond. This in turn will diminish the fire, brilliance and ultimately the sparkle or bling of your diamond ring. You or your fiance paid a lot of money for the diamond and you should show it off to the best of its performance ability.

clean engagement ring

Cleaning your engagement ring

Soak it in boiled water with a mild liquid detergent or soap.

After letting your engagement ring soak for 10 minutes we recommend in using a babies toothbrush (fine bristles). Gently rub the diamond and mount to remove the more persistent dirt and grime. This dirt may build up among the collet (head) or the ring and on the more intricate areas of the engagement ring design. We recommend the finer toothbrush. This is so as not to damage and rhodium or any such plating that may be on the ring.

After repeating this process a couple of times then rinse it off under running water (make sure the drain is closed). Then pat it dry with a soft lint free cloth or paper towel.

How ‘NOT’ to clean your diamond ring

Its amazing to hear the old wives tales for cleaning diamond rings. Advise such as using toothpaste, boiling water, Ammonia…..the list goes on. Most of these not only do not work, but also can be extremely harmful to your jewelry.

When wearing white gold one of the worst things you can do is go into swimming pool. Swimming pools have chlorine in the pool. It will leave the ring looking like it has dark spots. Chlorine leaches out the alloys in your engagement ring. Alloys used such as zinc and silver may leave microscopic bubbles inside your ring.

Loyes Diamonds Tips on keeping a Clean Diamond Jewellery

When you purchase an engagement diamond ring from Loyes Diamonds we offer free cleaning for life. Make an appointment we will then place your diamond ring into our ultrasonic cleaner. This cleaning method can take off any dirt or grease or grime that has become adhered to your diamond. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

We advise you clean your engagement ring at home. Use this method but come in an see us for special occasions to have a deep clean in our ultrasonic cleaner.

White gold rings should be rhodium plated every 12 to 18 months to ensure the metals appear to their best. Platinum rings should be polished every 12 to 18 months also to perform to the best of their ability. At Loyes diamond we also provide this service for a small charge. This plating or polishing take approximately 2 to 3 days. The ring will need to go to the workshop. Its a dirty job but someone has got to do it ; )

Cleaning a diamond ring in an ultrasonic bath

Remember That A Clean Diamond Will Always Look Larger Than An Unclean One

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