Fancy Grey Diamonds

Fancy Grey Diamonds

Fancy Grey diamonds are not to be confused with heavily included diamonds sometimes termed ‘Salt and Pepper diamonds’.

A Fancy Grey Diamond is very different to a Salt and Pepper Diamond.

A Heavily Included or sometimes referred to as a ‘Salt and Pepper Diamond’

Grey diamonds are in the scope of ‘Fancy coloured diamonds’. This is a term encompassing all the colours of diamonds that are not colourless/white diamonds. The most popular diamonds for engagement rings in Ireland are colourless or near colourless diamonds. Colours such as  d-h colour.  Sometimes clients request H,I, J colours. More usually for those on a budget and requiring a larger stone and willing for reduce on colour.

Within the world of diamonds rarity means value. Therefore the rarer a diamond is then the more value is placed on it.

This not only is true of weight (carat) but for clarity and colour also.

Fancy colour diamonds are graded according to Colour and Intensity. Regarding colour there is a sweet spot whereby colour is not to light but also not too dark.

Diamond Colour

Fancy grey diamonds inhabit a wide variety of tones, ranging from light-hued  silver grey pewter to darker-hued graphite grey. A grey diamond can lean either cool or warm depending on the kind of secondary colour it is found with. Those that are paired with blue or green are usually cool-toned. Those that are paired with browns or yellows will be warm-toned.

Secondary modifiers.

When a stone exhibits a hue of a secondary colour such as Blueish or Violet it is considered more rare and  will therefore be more expensive.

Diamond Intensity.

Fancy grey diamonds are graded/assessed in accordance to intensity of color, or a combination of saturation and tone.  The following describe the spectrum of grey diamond intensities due to:

Light Grey, Fancy Light Grey, Fancy Grey, Fancy Dark Grey, and Fancy Deep Grey

At Loyes Diamonds if we do not have the exact colour or shape you require of a diamond we can source it for you. We will either place it into one of our existing engagement rings or design a totally new bespoke diamond engagement ring unique to you.

The price of Fancy Grey diamonds will varies because of the shape, size and intensity of the diamond. Of course will do our best to try and get you something that will fit your budget.

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