Custom Made Rings

At Loyes Diamond we provide a service to make bespoke diamond rings. Our custom-made rings are created through a process involving as many as six tradespeople. Each ring is treated as a project. The project is managed by a tradesperson with over 30 years of experience.  Our team is widely recognized as one of the most respected in the engagement ring and diamond ring business. This designer and creator manage the ring production though-out the whole process from conception to CAD (Computer aided design) Wax model making, Mould Making, Casting, Assembly and finally diamond setting and polishing.

1. The First appointment

Come to our offices on 21 Wicklow Street in Dublin and if you have images or any supporting material for your design such as photos or magazines, bring it with you so we can get an idea of what you wish to achieve.

We will show you an assortment of ideas and rings to help you understand the various settings and give you some ideas that you may not have thought of. We will walk you through the different bandwidths also and try on many of our hundreds of live settings to ascertain what you feel looks best. There are also many types of stone cuts that you may like to view in person.

2. The CAD Design (Computer Aided Design)

We will have our CAD designer design the ring for you with the latest Computer Aided Design technology (CAD). An Image will be provided for your approval before we commence building the ring. We can tweak designs and insert the tiniest details before commencing to build the ring.

3. Wax Moulds Are Created For Your Custom-Made Ring

A wax cast or print of the ring will be constructed using a specialized jewellery printer. The next step is to make a mould from this wax model and often many wax moulds are grouped together on a tree and prepared for casting. This tree will then be covered in plaster and baked overnight. The wax melts when it reaches a certain temperature and what is left is a mould for casting the various parts of your ring. The molten metal of your choice is then cast into the plaster mould to produce the parts required for your bespoke diamond rings.

5. Metal is Cast.

After the Wax mouldings are created they are then set into a tree-like structure. This tree-like structure is then lowered into a metal cylinder known as a flask. A plaster is then added and a mould is created when this plaster sets. From here the precious metal is poured into the mould and the wax melts away leaving perfectly formed components of a ring. This relatively new technology in ring-making is very clean and leaves better results than previously achievable.


4. Ring Is Assembled And Set With Stones

casting and cooling the various precious metal parts are cleaned and assembled and receive a first series of cleaning and polishing to prepare the ring to be set with the precious stones. Stones are set into the mount with an accuracy of .01mm. We insure that all the stones are of uniform quality in colour and clarity to give a uniform look

5 Clean And Polishing.


After the diamonds or precious stones are set into the mount the ring is then ready for its final polishing or plating if this is required. We use several different grades of buffers and polishing brushes to be able to access every part and surface of the ring. The result is a gleaming ring with bright shining surfaces.

6 Time To Collect Your Custom-Made Ring.

You come back into our office to collect your beautiful Dublin-made bespoke diamond engagement ring. Some final adjustments may of course be needed and we will accommodate you in any way possible.

7 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Ring With Loyes Diamonds.

We cannot stress enough the absolutely unique and unparalleled quality of bespoke diamond rings.

  1.  CAD design is designed around the dimensions of your centre stone to within 100th of a millimetre
  2. The quality of the mix of our gold and platinum is the best available. Only the finest Alloys are used to mix with our base gold and platinum metals.
  3. The casting process is closely monitored and any rings found to have any blemishes or porosity (tiny air bubbles) are discarded.
  4. Assembly of the ring is on a piece basis and therefore with a hand-assembled ring the care taken far outweighs the assembly of a mass-produced ring found in many high street shops.
  5. The choice of melee or side stones is meticulous and only the finest melee diamonds are used.
  6. The setting of a bespoke ring is done on a piece-by-piece basis. It is not part of a mass production process whereby diamonds may ‘slip through’ inspection.
  7.  The final polish and inspection ensure that the ring is fully inspected and performs to the very best possible criteria.

Call or Email Loyes Diamonds today to have a chat. Perhaps arrange an appointment to come in and discuss your options.  Look forward to having your very own unique diamond engagement ring made.

We also can make a customer-made wedding ring to match your wedding ring.

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