Bespoke Diamond Rings

Bespoke Diamond Rings

Let Loyes Diamonds help you design your bespoke diamond rings.

Bespoke diamond rings while not for every woman are a popular option here at Loyes. Engagement ring designs although all start to seem very similar as you search for that perfect engagement ring. Quite often when going from vendor to vendor ring designs that you are viewing might all start to repeat themselves.

Clients come in to us looking for something truly unique and one of a kind. Going down the bespoke route asures this.

Undoubtedly an engagement ring will quite possibly be the most precious piece of jewellery you will ever own. As it will also be the piece of jewellery which you will wear daily for the rest of your life. Many women and often times men take it upon themselves to work with a designer. They will design and tweak original designs in order to fulfill their idea of their perfect dream engagement ring.

Creating Your Unique Custom Made Ring

By working closely with a designer and goldsmith and stone setters and polishers may a dream become a reality. Although highly skilled there are some limitations in what may be achieved. Sketches and ideas may not be feasible. Designs need to be made realistic before a final design may be approved by all parties before it may go forward into production. In saying that though we will do our utmost to ensure that all designs if possible will go forward to production. We will only halt production of the ring if the security of the ring is to be jeopardized in any way. We will advise if there will be a foreseeable problems and adjust the design of the ring with our client’s approval.

Tips When Having A Bespoke Engagement Ring Made

1) Try on lots of engagement rings: As the saying goes God loves a trier! There are just so many aspects in styles and designs of engagement rings. Only by trying on rings you will get a better idea of what works for you. When trying on rings ask if you may take photos of the ones you like and the various characteristic that catch your eye.

slender ring

2) Look at all the various types of diamond shapes. Lots of ladies don’t realise if a diamond shape when placed on their finger will look good. Will it suit their finder size? The reality can often be different from what the perceived notion of what they think it may look like in their minds eye. A marquise shape stone for example will help accentuate the finger length. Making the fingers seem longer and more slender. Other shapes will have other effects. The round brilliant diamond is by far the most popular shape of diamond.

Approximately 75% of diamonds sold at Loyes Diamonds being round brilliant shapes. Oval cut shape diamond are the most popular ‘fancy cut diamonds’ with Princess cut diamonds being a close second. Other less popular shapes include pear shape, emerald shape and asscher shape diamonds. Ask for prices to get an idea of what size stone your budget will afford. Try to be aware if the size of the stone is feasible or not for this budget.


3) Note the type of metal that best suits: Try on lots of metal types of metals. Note how the various metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum will look in relation with varying skin tone and complexion. There are other things worth considering when choosing the metal such as weight. Platinum is a heavier metal then gold and it is advisable to always match metal types. Particularly when choosing a wedding ring to place along side the engagement ring. If platinum is placed along side gold it will wear down quicker as it is a softer metal. Bespoke diamonds rings may be made in any precious metal.

Expense is another consideration and it is important to recognize that when designing a bespoke engagement ring. The wedding ring should be made of the same material and as such costs will be incurred in the future. Any reputable jeweler should point out some metals such as platinum may cost more. 18kt gold or even 9kt or 14kt gold will have varying prices. If the band on an engagement ring is of a certain thickness then the wedding ring is usually of the same thickness. At the time of writing two thick platinum bands can weigh considerably more then 2 gold bands. This can prove too heavy in some circumstances and impractical.

white gold ring, yellow gold ring, platinum ring

4) Take lots of photos of the various aspects of rings. Take cuttings from publications to help illustrate what it is you like and would like to see in your design. We can mix and match various aspects of various designs. This will be a great help to the designer when compiling all the various aspect of the ring. Our designer will reflect this in the final computer aided design. You will receive an illustration of the design of your bespoke diamond rings before we move into the next stages of production. A picture can speak a thousand words and enormously help the designers in accomplishing the design you require.

 bespoke diamond rings

5) Diamonds on the band or go with a plain band. The decision of what kind of band to go with can be a painful one. We have seen many ladies agonize over this detail. When you do come to a decision about the band other considerations may come to play. Other decisions include if you would like the band to be split. Maybe a double band around the ring. Would you like to see a twist in the band as it rises towards the center diamond.

diamond engagement rings

6) Try on some rings with halos. Diamonds around the center stone to get a feel for what looks best and what you would prefer. Traditionally the classic solitaire has withstood the test of time. It will always retain the beautiful simple elegant look. But many women today opt for the look of a halo around the centre stone. This halo accentuates the size of the center diamond. It may add more sparkle for less of a price then a larger solitaire. If going with a halo on your rings, consider what type of setting technique the diamonds in the halo are set with. (see point 7)

halo engagement rings

7) When trying on rings and doing your research online you should take note of what type of setting style you prefer in both the center stones and halo stones. Types of settings include pave set, claw set, scallop set, channel set and rub-over setting. Educate yourself on what the different types of settings are and one or two styles should come apparent when you view them in various ring as to which are your favorites.

diamond setting styles

8) Look deeply at your personality and traits and lifestyle and pointers relating to your individual style. There is no point trying to emulate yourself with some celebrity you are fond of if you are both entirely different people. Factors such as your dress sense. Your employment/carrier and your lifestyle some styles of ring just wont suit you. On the other hand some will be perfect matches. Take your time and speak with professionals for advise on what would best suit. At Loyes Diamonds we are engagement rings specialists. We have helped many ladies reach that balance between practicality and beauty.

9) Choose a stone. Some ladies like to break with tradition and go with a different type of stone then a diamond. We have seen a particular interest in blue sapphire stones in the past year. Often encased in a beautiful halo of white diamonds. Other popular choices for precious stones include yellow sapphires (less expensive then yellow diamonds) and green emeralds. In this day and age a change with tradition is nothing new.

coloured engagement

10) Take time and enjoy the whole experience. Many ladies stress out with the prospect of getting things wrong or choosing the wrong setting or diamond. The whole prospect of designing and choosing the various aspects of a ring may be a little overwhelming at times. Take a little expert guidance and some care and attention and good advise. Being led through the process can ultimately prove to be highly rewarding, gratifying and fulfilling when completed.

Engagement Ring Specialist

Loyes diamonds are engagement rings specialists and as such we pride ourselves on being great listeners. Believe in our goldsmiths and in what they do. Have the vision and know-how to bring your dreams to reality. We manage every detail of the fabrication through the many stages that go into producing your unique piece of jewellery. We have over 300 real diamond engagement rings in stock and these rings have many different attributes. Often it is possible to get an idea how things would look when incorporated into your ring design. Make an appointment to come and see us in a none pushy informative consultation.

We will get the ball rolling on your beautiful bespoke diamond rings.

Sincere congratulations and best of luck with it!