The World of Diamonds

Useful Things to Know
Before you embark on choosing your diamonds there are some important factors you should consider. Please click on the headings below to learn more
The 4'cs
GIA created the 4C’s (Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight) as a universal method for establishing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world[…]
Diamond Size Chart
Here we have a diamond size chart showing the correct size of diamonds that are perfectly cut. The size of a diamond i.e the dimensions[…]
Ring Indicator
Remember, different fingers are different sizes so match the ring that you wear on that particular finger for a more accurate result. Please use this ring size indicator guide as an indicator only[…]
Diamond Certificate
At Loyes Diamonds we endeavour to insure that all of the diamonds we sell are certified conflict free. To read more about how the world market insures that this is achieved[…]
Confidence should inspire your choice of diamond. We have extensive experience sourcing gems that offer beauty, brilliance and excellent value.[…]
Diamond Cost
We encourage you to spend only what is comfortable for you Loyes diamonds offer a hassle free non-pushy consultation/appointment[…]
Diamond Certification
The diamond certificate provides details about the critical parameters that affect the gem’s quality, value and appearance. A diamond certificate is a statement, issued by an independent gemological laboratory[…]
There are three symbols or hallmarkings that are compulsory on jewellery, the makers symbol, the guaranteed standard of fineness and the assay office mark[…]