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You might have heard people refer to this type of jewellery and nodded your head in understanding but what exactly is an eternity ring, what does it represent and do you need to buy one?

History of the Eternity Ring

It’s a piece of finger jewellery that is also sometimes referred to as an infinity ring and represents eternal love… how romantic! In terms of its origins, it does seem to date back thousands of years ago to Egyptian times when they used them as symbols of eternal life and love.

When Do People Exchange Eternity Rings?

Yellow Gold Eternity Ring

With jewellery, there really are no hard and fast rules so if you wish to gift someone a nice piece, it’s unlikely they will refuse it! However in more recent traditions, the eternity ring does represent a piece of jewellery that a partner exchanges to mark the birth or adoption of a child (some people refer to it as a “push” present ? ). It’s also highly popular to buy an eternity ring to celebrate a wedding anniversary or relationship anniversary (if choosing not to be married).


What Finger Do I Place an Eternity Ring On?

Again, it truly is up to the wearer but commonly, people place the eternity ring on the same finger as the engagement and wedding ring. However, many people choose to wear the eternity ring on the opposite hand just to create some contrast. Obviously if you choose to wear it on the same finger as your existing engagement and/or wedding ring, it’s a nice idea to get them to complement each other and you can even get a bespoke eternity ring made to “sit” in with your current engagement ring or wedding jewellery. Contact us if you need to discuss this requirement!


What Style of Eternity Ring Should I Consider?

Diamonds are the most popular stones to use for eternity ring jewellery, but rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other stones are also popular, and can be incorporated in conjunction with diamonds. If you’re considering an eternity ring as an anniversary gift, then the 10 year anniversary is the perfect occasion as it’s marked by diamonds. That’s if you’re following the more modern wedding anniversary symbolism as outlined in our wedding anniversary symbols post! The next thing to consider is whether you’d like a full, ¾ or a half style eternity ring. This might depend on your budget but basically full means there would be diamonds or gemstones all around the ring, three-quarters or half way around the ring. Another nice thing to consider is to put the birthstone of the wearer into the ring. So much to think about!

At Loyes Diamonds, we have a fine selection of Eternity Rings for you to choose from but if you have bespoke requirements, we’d be happy to discuss these with you too. Get in touch to book a consultation today!