Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Trends come and go but the attraction and everlasting beauty of a natural cut diamond that sparkles will last forever.

In the past few years we have had several enquires regarding salt and pepper diamonds and people looking for more information on what they are and if they are a good choice for their Engagement ring.

Simply put ‘Salt and Pepper’ diamonds is a nickname (admittedly cute) given to diamonds that are so heavily included that the appearance of speckling in the stone of white inclusions (salt) and black inclusions (pepper) give a diamond the appearance of being Grey. Although not near as popular as ‘Eye Clean Diamonds’ for Engagement Rings they are an option never the less.

They should not though be confused with Grey Diamonds which as explained in our Grey diamond blog are much more expensive.

Clarity which id one of the 4c’s of a diamond runs from Flawless to I3

Salt and pepper diamonds are not I3 as we have been asked many times. I3 diamonds are diamonds whereby the inclusions may be seen by the naked eye but for the most part are relatively clear.

Salt and Pepper diamonds are so heavily included that they are not on this scale.

Clarity scale









Salt and Pepper Diamonds versus Eye Clean Diamonds

The most sought-after diamonds are clear ‘eye clean’ diamonds and the price they demand is a indication of how rare a diamond without such inclusions are. Flying in the face of this premise the heavily included diamonds give the two fingers to the traditional world of diamonds and makes a bold stand against convention.

Within the world of Salt and Pepper diamonds you can see many different types according to the inclusions they possess. Some are cloudy and grey, some are dotty and grainy and some just seem to have their own solar system swirling inside of them. Rarely do they sparkle but it has to be said they possess a certain charm of their own and for sure no two are alike.

Although in ‘trend’ at the moment, Salt and Pepper diamonds are considerably less expensive than their clear/white diamond counterparts. If you would like something unique and different from the norm a heavily included ‘Salt and Pepper’ diamond might be an option worth looking at. They do hold an organic natural feel that is totally unique to the owner.

Heavily included diamonds for the most part do not sparkle. The reason is that in order for a diamond to sparkle the light must be able to travel from the table (the largest facet on top) through the diamond to the interior pavilion sides where it is aimed back to the crown facets where it is dispersed/refracted to give off fire brilliance and scintillation.  If the light cannot travel through the stone due to heavy impurities such as crystals etc then the diamond will be unable to perform.

Buyers should also be aware that depending on the amount of inclusions the diamond may be weakened somewhat and may chip or crack more easily.

All said and done …..if you are looking for a unique stone deviating from the norm and 50% less expensive that their more traditional cousins and perhaps having an edginess of a newish trend in the diamond market perhaps a Salt and pepper stone might be worth looking at.