ET 220

Gorgeous eternity ring featuring a double row of beautiful baguette diamonds pave set in alluring white gold. This ring is available in quarter eternity (diamond on quarter), half eternity, three quarters eternity or full eternity (diamond all the way around).  You may also choose between white gold and platinum and yellow gold or rose gold.

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A little about eternity rings.

Eternity rings like wedding rings are a symbol of everlasting love. Eternity rings are frequently given to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or other special event such as the birth of a child (called push rings by some). Other names for eternity rings are infinity rings, promise rings and anniversary rings. There are no specific rules for the occasion for which to give this exceptional gift but in Ireland they are most commonly given after the birth of a first child.  Placed upon the finger the eternity ring is an enduring symbol of the promise to love forever, and is a beautiful way to show the love of your life how much she means to you and how much you value her love and togetherness.

Eternity rings styles, metals and stones shapes and sizes set in eternity rings vary considerably as does and price ranges depending on a range of these factors.

“Full” eternity rings have stones all the way around the band. Depending on the size of the stones this may influence the thickness of the band. Usually in full eternity rings the stones used must be small so as not to have a band that is uncomfortable due to thickness upon the finger.  Full rings cannot be readily sized, so they must be custom made. Loyes Diamonds carry a large stock of sample rings, which you may try on and get the feel for how it would look upon your finger or paired with your wedding bands and engagement rings. We would usually advise that you keep the metals in the wedding bands/ engagement rings and eternity rings similar to avoid one metal wearing hard against the other.

“Half” eternity rings only have stones partially set along the band thereby making them easier to create and to size, and this factor is reflected in their price. When an eternity ring is made with larger stones they are more easier to wear and will showcase larger diamonds more comfortably. Some women also prefer this style since all of the stones can easily be seen.

Eternity rings are most commonly set with diamonds. Other stones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies are also popular choices, but diamonds are the undisputed favorite and account for 90% of eternity rings. The shape of the stones is as important as the type of stone with round brilliant stones being very popular as are square stones such as princess cuts or emerald cuts. Square or rectangular cut stones are easier to set end to end around a band, making them perfect for eternity rings.

When deciding how to wear eternity rings it is simply a matter of personal taste. Eternity rings are usually worn on the same finger as wedding rings. They may be worn in addition to the engagement ring and wedding band, or in place of either one. Many women choose to replace their wedding band with an eternity ring and wear it along with their engagement ring. Some suggest the way to wear an eternity ring is to wear the wedding band closet to the heart/hand followed by the engagement ring and then finally the eternity ring.

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