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6 Claw Twist Ring – ‘Lillian’

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Introducing the 'Lillian' 6 Claw Twist Engagement Ring from Loyes Diamonds, Dublin, Ireland. This captivating design deviates from the ordinary, showcasing round brilliant-cut diamonds in a fabulous and alluring fashion. The featured ring boasts a stunning Natural/Mined 0.55ct Diamond, E COLOR, Si2 CLARITY, and an Excellent cut.

Key Features:

  • Unique 6 Claw Twist Design
  • Striking Round Brilliant-Cut Diamonds
  • Natural/Mined 0.55ct Diamond, E COLOR, Si2 CLARITY
  • Excellent Cut for Maximum Brilliance

Customization Options:

  • Tailor to Your Personal Specifications
  • Design Your Own with Flexibility
  • Explore Budget-Friendly Choices

Choose 'Lillian' for a distinctive symbol of enduring love, exclusively from Loyes Diamonds, your premier destination for Engagement Rings in Dublin, Ireland.

About Lab Certified Diamonds

If choosing a Lab Grown Diamond all of our Lab Grown Diamonds are Colourless D-F With Clarity of VS or better and Excellent Cut with Nil Florescence.

Laboratory created diamonds or Ecological green diamonds have seen a recent surge in popularity. Not just for the ecological impact on the planet but also the price and quality in comparison to Naturally formed diamonds. Lab diamonds are Chemically, Physically, and Molecularly the exact same as mined diamonds but often in some cases half the price. If you are interested in a Lab diamond or comparing prices, please mention it in our enquiry form (or call us) and we will be happy to advise. Very often clients opt for Lab created diamonds as it allows a larger diamond for their budget without compromising on quality or beauty. Lab created diamonds also come with certificates to assure the purchaser of the providence and quality of the stone.

More Information

Customisation & Alterations

All our new designs can be customised, either with subtle alterations to your taste or a complete bespoke design starting from scratch. We expertly alter to your finger size, talk to us, we are here to help.


The metal specification refers to the main part of the item (e.g. the shank of the ring) and not to the setting around the diamond called the collet, which maybe either platinum or gold.


The images are a good likeness of the designs we stock. Limitations of reproduction however mean that colours and proportions may not always be wholly accurate. Specifications can be customised online, but images may not accurately reflect this change. Designs with variable stone size options may often be illustrated using a single image that does not accurately reflect the specific stone size being viewed. Please contact us for further information.

6 Claw Twist Ring In white Gold
6 Claw Twist Ring in Platinum
6 Claw Twist Ring in Platinum950
6 Claw Twist Ring in yellow gold
6 Claw Twist Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold
6 Claw Twist solitaire Ring In 18 Karat Yellow Gold
6 Claw solitaire Twist Ring In Rose Gold
6 Claw Solitaire Twist Ring in 18kt rose golf
6 Claw solitaire Twist Ring in rose gold standing upright