Sunday Business Post – start up of the week – engagement rings specialist.

Sunday Business Post – start up of the week – engagement rings specialist.

Lovely start up of the week award by the Sunday Business Post – Engagement rings specialist.

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Sunday Business Post – Start up of the week – Engagement ring Specialist.

Diamond Specialist has a very engagement personal ring service. – by Philip Connolly.

Diamonds are a girls best friend as the saying goes, but not if you get the wrong one. The process of finding the right engagement ring can be fraught, so making the right choice is all-important. A new jeweler is aiming to provide a more affordable and personal service.

Founded late last year, Loyes Diamonds aims to provide a bespoke service to people in the market for engagement rings. The company was set up by Stacey Scoulding, who has extensive experience in the area.

After serving her apprenticeship at a jewelers in the Isle of Man, Scoulding returned home to work for Paul Sheran Jewelers. Scoulding left after the close of the company’s Dundrum outlet and found herself essentially running another jewelers business before deciding to break out on her own.

Rather then set up on the main street, Scoulding decided to focus on attracting business online and then providing a more personal service in-house at her Baggot street office.

By keeping the overheads down she hopes she can make the company a more affordable option then many high street stores.

“As we don’t have the same costs and a minimum of overhead, we are able to reflect a much better price onto our clients,” said Scoulding.

“people have become a lot more savvy with their money and are looking online for the best option. There is an older generation who still want to go into a store on Grafton Street, but the younger generation will look online.”

In a male-dominated industry, Scoulding is also keen to provide a female insight, particularly for the men planning a surprise engagement, who make up almost 40 per cent of the company’s custom.

“I felt the was a bit of a niche to be able to offer more of a woman’s touch,” Scoulding said.