Phoenix – Article in The Phoenix magazine about Women In Business.

Phoenix – Article in The Phoenix magazine about Women In Business.

Women In Business – Article in The Phoenix magazine about women in business.


Phoenix – Article in The Phoenix magazine about Women In Business.

Diamonds are forever a girl’s best friend, and for one 28 year old from Rathfarnham, Stacey Scoulding of Loyes Diamonds, is just the girl to introduce you to a new best friend. As an engagement and wedding ring specialist with over ten years experience, she can advise on finding the best gems for any budget.

“I trained with the Gemological Institute of America, this institute is regarded as being the foremost authority in Diamond grading with the strictest criterion, we only sell the finest quality GIA certified diamonds,” Stacey Explains.

From a luxurious showroom in Lower Baggot Street, she offers confidential and private appointments for customers seeking that special piece of Jewellery that speaks volumes. Stacey continues: “As a woman, I have an insight into how another woman might feel, and I believe that my ability to listen to the needs of my customers has been fundamental to my success so far”.

The glowing testimonials and reviews on the website give reference to the high service level Stacey offers customers, with terms like ‘clear explanations”, ‘no pressure’ and ‘very helpful’ all used to express customer satisfaction levels.

Her suppliers also value her female insight and opinion and she enjoys a great rapport with them. The recipe for success is based on the simple concept of ‘know and love your chosen field’, hard work and dedication, though being a good listener and negotiator are also important.

Because of the delicate nature of the business, her integrity, honesty and trust are essential elements of her work.

The Loyes Diamond brand is one she wants to grow for the future and one day when she starts her own family, the children will work along side and eventually take over the business, to pass on to their own children.

One Day Loyes Diamonds will be a Dublin Dynasty.
Tel 01 90 60 700.