Loyes 10 pointers for choosing the perfect engagement ring. Joe.ie

Loyes 10 pointers for choosing the perfect engagement ring. Joe.ie

Taken from Joe.ie – http://www.joe.ie/joe-life/life-features/joe-helps-you-pick-the-right-engagement-ring/

Here are Loyes top 10 tips to help you make that all important choice in engagement ring.

1) So you’re choosing the ring. Take a deep breath and relax, I promise you it is not as daunting as you may think. Get into the right mindset and it won’t seem like such hard work.

2) First things first, how much do you want to spend? Contrary to what society tries to tell us there are no rules. My advice is always to spend what is comfortable for you. Remember she loves you and will be overjoyed that you are asking to spend the rest of your lives together. That’s what matters. After that, buy quality over ‘size’, as quality will last longer and will be noticed quicker!

3) Do a little bit of your own research online before visiting a jeweller, so you have a better idea of what you want. Look at reputable jewellery websites and take note of the styles. Read up on certification and valuations, white gold vs. platinum, conflict free and ethically sourced etc. This research will really stand to you when you go to purchase a ring as you’ll be more confident about what you want, so be patient.Engagement ring expert Stacey Scoulding of Loyes Diamonds

4) A crucial tip here, when researching online, don’t forget to delete the browsing history if you share a computer with your girlfriend! The last thing you want is the cat getting out of the bag at this very early stage.

5) Pay attention to your girlfriends tastes. Take mental notes of the jewellery she is currently wearing. What color is the metal? Is it understated and elegant or big, bling and beautiful? If her jewellery is a mixed bag and you’re still not sure what style she likes best, then take note of other style indicators. Does she dress in classic tailoring, the latest fashions or quirky and vintage pieces? How has she decorated your home? A woman’s taste in jewellery will often mirror her overall style.

6) You should also keep in mind her daily routine, so that a jeweller can best advise you on what styles and shapes will best suit her day to day lifestyle. A ring with a very prominent stone can be prone to catching and may not suit someone who has a very active lifestyle.

7) Now that you’ve chosen some styles that she will love, you need to consider her finger size. “How do I get that?!” I hear you say. Simple. Get your hands on a ring size indicator (you can download an indicator from here Ring Size Indicator) and match the indicator to one of the rings in her jewellery box. Preferably a ring that she wears on her ring finger. Obviously wait until she’s out to do this!

8) Time to take the plunge and choose the perfect ring. Just because you’ve made an appointment and planned to make your purchase, doesn’t mean you have to go through with it if you’re still not sure. Make sure you’re happy with your choice and don’t be rushed, especially if the ring cannot be exchanged. At Loyes Diamonds there is no deposit required when you choose a ring so if you’re not happy with the finished piece then there is no obligation to purchase.

8) Better still, if your partner is not happy with the ring you have selected you can avail of a full money back guarantee. Your ring can also be re-sized free of charge. This kind of flexibility can often ease a lot of worries, so make sure to check your options with your jeweller!

9) A word of warning now. If you decide instead to propose with a token ring, always choose a smaller stone in the token ring than you plan on buying for the engagement ring. I think you can see where I’m going with this.

10) Last but not least. Now that you have the perfect ring, it’s time to plan your proposal. Remember that no matter where you propose or how you do it, no question will ever hold so such importance and meaning to a woman as the four words you are about to say. So don’t sweat the details too much, and good luck.