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Loyes Diamonds talks about Platinum versus white gold engagement rings.

  • Platinum is heavier than white gold and is also more expensive.


  • When you see a new white gold and platinum ring side by side, they will look very similar.


  • However, white gold is not a naturally white metal and it requires rhodium plating every 18-24 months to keep it fresh.


  • Platinum tends to dull and requires polishing every 6-18 months.


  • Platinum is denser than white gold and will wear less in areas such as on the prongs/tips.
  • Platinum is softer the 18k white gold but not 24K gold. This means that although the metal might scratch a little easier – the metal will not be lost but only moved around on the mount (that is to say it is more malleable) When white gold is scratched a little of the gold is usually lost. Its only a very minor thing we know but facts are facts.
  • Regarding white gold – in time the rhodium plating will wear away, this will depend on the quality of the plating itself, if poorly plated then within 6 months signs of wear will appear, however, if properly plated it will certainly last at least 3 years.


  • White gold when rhodium plated actually adds a minute layer of metal to the ring as opposed to polishing platinum which removes a layer. This means that your mount will last much longer and cost you less in maintenance costs, not the contrary.


  • Most Jewellers try and push platinum over white gold because it is more expensive and they make more money from the sale. A platinum mount is almost twice the price of a gold mount.


  • At Loyes Diamonds we supply both platinum and white gold.