Pink Diamond

Pink diamond are found throughout history. One of the largest is a 170-carat stone from the Lulo mine in Angola. The mine is owned by the Lucapa Diamond Company.

According to Lucapa, the ‘Lulo Rose’ type II rough diamond is “believed to be the largest pink diamond recovered in the last 300 years.

Additionally, it is the deposit’s fifth-largest diamond overall and the 27th over 100 carats since commercial production started in 2015.

According to Sodiam, the state-owned diamond marketing company in Angola. Lucapa intends to sell the diamond through an international tender.

José Manuel Ganga Junior, chairman of the board of state-owned Endiama, one of Lucapa’s partners, said. “The record-breaking Lulo diamond field has again provided a precious and huge jewel. This time an exceedingly rare and lovely pink diamonds.”

Although Loyes Diamonds will not be bidding on this fine Gem, but if you are in the market for a pink diamond be sure to look us up.

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