Oval Engagement Rings

Oval Engagement Rings
Perfectly Cut Oval Diamond

In this post we will talk about oval engagement rings and oval cut diamonds. There are, of course many different shapes of diamonds that can be placed into an engagement ring ranging from the conventional (round brilliant) to the un-conventional (trillion diamond).

It may prove to be an assault on the senses and may cause indecision as your eyes are drawn in different directions across a tray of rings and you are torn between choosing one beautiful stone shape over another.

You simply must try this jewellery on your finger! We always tell ladies to follow their gut feeling as their instinct will rarely let them down. All the images and all the research done from a computer pales in significance when push comes to shove.

For guys looking to surprise their girlfriends, we always say to listen for clues regarding shape but if none are forthcoming then err on the side of the conventional and when the proposal is made if the lady is unhappy with the shape we will endeavour to make things right for her.

Oval engagement rings are now the second most popular shape of diamond sold replacing the ever-popular princess cut. The oval shape has had a bit of a renaissance in the past few years due in part to a number of stunning celebrity engagement rings such as Blake Lively’s oval ring, Amber Rose’s stunning solitaire and even more recently, the famous stunning oval sapphire and diamond ring belonging to Kate Middleton.

Blake Lively’s Stunning Oval Engagement Ring

The oval cut diamond has almost all the sparkle of the round brilliant cut diamond but appears on the finger slightly larger due to its elongated shape like the Marquise shape diamond. Depending on how the oval is cut, the diamond may take on a variety of different elliptical shapes that are up to 15% larger in length that their round brilliant counterparts.

Oval Cut Diamonds

Although it has been around for many years, the modern oval shape we see today was really developed in the 1950s with more modern cutting techniques and from a hybrid of other cutting techniques and shapes. It is truly a stunning style of diamond with 58 facets of sparkling brilliance.

The oval diamond can accentuate the length of the finger and are very popular with people with shorter fingers as they will make the fingers seem slender and longer. It should be said though that ovals are also equally popular with people with long fingers. Other shapes of diamonds that will accentuate the length of the fingers are Marquise cuts and pear cuts.

It is vitally important when choosing an oval cut diamond that the ratio of the length and width with the depth of the diamond adheres to some rules relating to the carat weight of the particular diamond. The reason these rules are in place is to avoid the appearance of a bow tie in the diamond or a fish eye. Both features present themselves as darkness around the centre of the stone.

On the left you see a diamond with a bow-tie. On the right you see a perfectly cut Oval Diamond.
Diamond with a Bow-TiePerfectly Cut Oval Diamond








The oval diamond may be easier on the pocket when compared to the round brilliant (the round is the most expensive cut of a diamond) and the oval is approximately 80%-90% the price of a round brilliant.

Oval diamonds come in many shapes and sizes and it is best to come in for an appointment to try on the various styles of oval engagement rings and see which one suits you best. We endeavour to make dreams come true and offer the best advice and value in the engagement rings market available.


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