Engagement Rings Belfast

Engagement Rings Belfast

The Star Of The County Down.

Ok we know that Belfast is half in County Antrim and half in County Down…but we couldn’t let a great song title Segue go to waste.

The real Star of this post is the beautiful bespoke engagement ring that a couple from Belfast had commissioned us recently to make for them.

engagement rings belfast


Engagement Rings Belfast

Belfast is home to some fine Jewelers but prices can be rather more expensive then the prices offered in Dublin.

Recently a couple from Belfast, Luke and Jessica contacted us requesting that we may be able to accommodate them in creating a ring that Jessica had designed herself.

Jessica had performed some searches throughout the Belfast market and found that although there were many beautiful rings which had some of the features she loved but none had all the features she was looking for all contained in one piece.

After a phone consultation with us Jessica forwarded to us an email of images of various rings of what it was she was hoping to achieve for in her dream engagement ring. Here at Loyes Diamonds we have years of experience looking at designs and helping dreams become a reality. Jessica chose to go with one of our bespoke diamond rings.

We could see the concept of what Jessica was trying to achieve and helped her with her design by offering our experience in a twofold manner.

Firstly, showing Jessica what can and cannot be done as many have ideas that are beautiful on paper but may present a risk in reality,

Secondly, offering suggestions and enhancing her design but ultimately trying to keep the vision of the ring as close to the original idea as is possible.


Northern Ireland Proposal With A Bespoke Engagement Ring.

When Jessica had directed us on what she was looking to achieve in her dream ring it came the turn of her partner Luke to contact us. Although Jessica was to design the ring of her dreams, Luke wanted to make the proposal special and as he was paying for the ring wished that the paying for and collecting of the ring be kept private from Jessica.

Essentially he was to take over on the date of the ring collection and the budget to be spent on the ring leaving him to prepare a proposal that although Jessica knew would be coming at sometime she was never quite sure on when the ring would be ready nor how he chose to propose.

When the time came for the ring to be collected Luke came for the ring and told us of his secret plan to propose on a beach where he and Jessica walk regularly.

Lukes brother and girlfriend were in on the gig and through careful planning concerning tides and times  made their way to the beach at the crack of dawn to inscribe ‘Marry me Jessica’ into the sand (complete with flowers and a bottle of champagne on ice and a treat for their beloved dog!) where it could be seen by Luke and Jessica on their unsuspecting morning walk. Ahhhhhh cuteness!

Proposal Suggestion



We were since told that the weather played ball and the proposal was a complete success. Jessica is delighted with her self-designed engagement ring and was delighted with the surprise of getting the ring a full two weeks before she expected it may be coming.





Bespoke Diamond Engagement Rings Belfast To Bantry.

At Loyes Diamonds we have clients coming from all corners of the country. People come from Galway, Limerick, Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Donegal and Sligo for our engagement rings. Distance in this day and age is no factor in having your dream bespoke diamond engagement ring made.

Of course, you don’t have to design your engagement ring yourself. At Loyes Diamonds we have over 300 beautiful Engagement Rings for you to choose from and can make most rings to suit any budget.

Contact us today with a phone call to 01 90 60 700 or by emailing us at info@loyesdiamonds.ie and we will help you as best we can.


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