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Clean My Diamond

Diamond engagement rings are built to sparkle! To maximize the sparkle, scintillation and fire of your engagement ring you must clean your diamond. The most important aspect is of course the diamond you choose to be set in your ring but you should also keep it clean. There are other factors though that come into effect after your diamond ring has been worn in everyday life.

We tell all of our clients to try handle their diamonds very little if not at all. Once a diamond is touched oils, cosmetics or natural grease on your skin is transfer over to the diamonds surface. This reduces the sparkle, fire and scintillation of a diamond.

Keep it clean.

I have already written a blog on how to clean your diamond and this will really help your diamond to preform to the best of its ability when all ‘controllable’ factors are taken into account. What are controllable factors ? What we mean is that if a diamond is purchased with a poor cut it’s impossible to make it sparkle. As the saying goes ‘make a silk purse out of a sows ear’.

Cleaning your diamond: Regular cleaning with a soft bristle toothbrush and hot water with washing up liquid should keep the diamond sparkling.

*NEVER use chemicals to clean your diamonds such as chlorine or bleach or even toothpaste.  These chemicals while not being harmful to the diamond (which is the hardest mineral known) will have grave effects to the metals in your diamond jewelry.

clean a diamond at home


Re-Plating Your Engagement Ring Or Wedding Ring.

Engagement rings and wedding rings and indeed eternity must be maintained. Almost like a car – you cannot expect them to keep going for ever. It is advisable to service your rings every year to 18 months.

This entails re-plating a ring with rhodium in the case of white gold

Rhodium is an bright white metal which is extremely reflective and  extremely hard and it also does not tarnish which make it a perfect metal to plate onto white gold.

Depending on how hard wearing a lady is on her ring you can expect to see the need for re-plating after 12 months to 2 years

rhodium plating loyes diamonds

Polishing Your Engagement Ring Or Wedding Ring.

Platinum starts to slowly turn a grayish steely colour from the moment you start wearing it. The change in metal colour is not visible to the wearer. It is a slow process and takes months to become less polished looking then the day you bought it. Usually after anywhere from 6 months to 18 months of wearing you may wish to have your platinum ring polished to bring back up the original brightness.

Have your platinum ring polished to bring back up the original brightness in the case of platinum.

Yellow and rose gold may also be polished to clean away any difficult to shift grime or to remove light scratching. It is worth noting that all metals will scratch over time.

 clean my diamond

Ultra-sonic deep clean.

When you buy an engagement ring with Loyes Diamonds you will receive free cleaning for life. This deep cleaning should be performed every few months. The process takes all but a few minutes. Make an appointment to ensure we are available and when you stop by we will place the ring into our ultra-sonic cleaner to remove all the stubborn grime and give your rings the sparkle they deserve.

clean a diamond in an ultrasonic cleaner

Cleaning a diamond ring in an ultrasonic bath.