Social Media Wedding Coordinator

Social Media Wedding Coordinator

Now that social media is the most enjoyable thing in our lives, the scope for what you can do on social media when it comes to your wedding day has become utterly mind-boggling.

In this day and age what you can do with social media at your wedding boggles the mind. While the technology involved can wildly impress you, the bride and groom might not have the technical know-how to pull it off… So enter the Social Media Wedding Coordinator.

This new breed of ultra-high-tech wedding guru can offer unique services for a tech-obsessed generation. It might not be for everyone but for some social media obsessives it may sound entirely fabulous.

Working with Wedding Co-Ordinator

If you have already nabbed yourself a wedding co-ordinator, never fear. The Social Media Wedding Coordinator can work in conjunction with a wedding planner to make your wedding into a technological spectacle. The things they can organise are so hot you’ll need someone to spray you down with ice water just to cool down.

Already, there are destination weddings around Europe where the hotels handle this all for you. They are starting to hire specialists who are going all-out to provide wedding packages which include drone filming among other amazing things. As part of this package, these hotels provide a “personal social media concierge” to do everything that you can’t. This “concierge” provides more than just facebook updates. This is a social media butler. And here are some impossibly cool things they can organise for you:

Wedding Technology

Live Streaming on the Web and Social Media

Perhaps your Aunty Philomena couldn’t make it to the wedding. Neither could your cousin because he has a molten-mental fear of flying. Okay. They can e-attend. A personal social media co-ordinator can post a live video that captures the special moment the couple says “I do” as it happens. Your relatives can watch in real time and cry when everyone else does. It can be real-time co-ordinated international crying. And what other kind is there?

This live-streaming of your wedding can be watched by up to 2000 people on a standard package (does anyone really have 2000 friends?). The live stream is aired on the web via a personalised landing page. Additionally, the social media co-ordinator can use an exclusive hashtag that will automatically post images to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the ceremony. Afterwards, the social media co-ordinator can compile a Pinterest board with all of the images for the couple to enjoy and share.

Drone Video from Unique Heights

Having drones stalking you like the paparazzi while you get married sounds like crazy fun. Here, the social media co-ordinator drone-films you at “peak wedding”… when you say your vows or when you walk down the aisle (assuming it is outdoors or in a building with high ceilings!).

drone wedding

These humming little robots are our new best friends and it is easy to see why. Some social media co-ordinators even use up to three cameras, and get up to ten hours of recordings. They can then edit this down to capture the best shots. The bride and groom are given the edited video within around one month of the ceremony. The final film can then be posted on the wedding website (yes, your own wedding website!). Friends and family can view the footage in full HD video, seeing themselves from the air.

You can now get your wedding filmed from above via a drone camera

From a New Perspective

For a really unusual idea, you can now capture your wedding from an entirely new perspective – with a Go-Pro or other similar action camera. Brides have been seen tucking these into their bouquets, and also pinning them to their bridesmaid’s dresses. You can even ask the celebrant to wear a camera, to get the moment of truth up close as you exchange wedding rings, Rom-Com style. You could even hang one from the roof of the reception venue, over the dance floor, or hide one in the flowers at the head table!

Friends’ Photo

Sometimes, the best photos of the day can come from friends! A social media co-ordinator can give all your guests a link to an online cloud service provider, and they can upload all their pics from the day in there. This way, the bride and groom have photos from a guest perspective. Lovely! Also, ask the social media co-ordinator to set up a spot in the reception room where guests can charge their devices.

Live Wedding Paintings

Social media co-ordinators aren’t always about the high-tech. For a more low-tech approach to wedding media, you can also commission live wedding paintings. This has been a tradition of European aristocracy for more than three centuries. The painting acts as a performance show for guests while capturing details and emotions on canvas for a high-quality piece of art to last beyond a lifetime.

Not only can you choose your preferred canvas shape and size, and either oil or acrylic paint, couples can select an artist from a specific style, including impressionist or expressionist and abstract or surrealist. Prior to the wedding, couples can meet with their artist to determine who and what to include in their painting. Before the event, the artist gets in early by painting the basic elements of the scene. They then continue by capturing wedding moments and attendees in natural positions as the events unfold.

Finding a Social Media Wedding Coordinator for your wedding might not be super-easy as it is only an emerging area. But watch this space … and remember, you heard it here first.