Lady Ga-Ga Engagement Ring – Returns Massive 10 Carat Solitaire

Lady Ga-Ga Engagement Ring

Lady Ga Ga engagement ring has finally been returned. The ginormous rock that was once given to her by her former fiancé Taylor Kinney of Chicago Fire fame. Even though the couple separated last July it is thought that there was hopes of reconciliation. That is why she held onto the fantabulous ring. Ahemmmm….

Just in case you haven’t heard the ring in question was an enormous heart shaped engagement ring with a massive ten carat solitaire diamond. The valuation of such an impressive piece of bling is a conservative estimate of approximately €600,000. That’s enough bling to make anyone Ga Ga.

The most impressive feature of this huge engagement ring is that on appearance it would seem the cut is perfectly proportioned which is sadly not found on many heart shape diamonds. In this case its perfect.

Ga Ga has now moved on from her former Fiancé and is now dating Christian Carino. We wish them the very best of luck in their new relationship and say to Chris – don’t worry about the ring shopping if it comes to that. It’s a hard act to follow but just remember its not all about size at the end of the day. Happiness is comes from within.

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