How to Choose The Best Wedding Photographer

How to Choose The Best Wedding Photographer

Approaching their wedding, one major decision many couples struggle with is that of finding the best wedding photographer for their big day. The truth is, choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. There are a lot of factors that you will want to consider before making a choice.

Ready to find your perfect match? Here’s what you need to know when choosing your wedding photographer.

Decide on Your Style

Every couple has a different style and so does every photographer. Before you can think about how to choose the best wedding photographer for you, your first step will be to figure out your style. One of my favourite wedding sites, The Knot, has the perfect short-and-sweet guide to wedding photography styles that covers all of the fundamentals.

As you read more about wedding photography, you’ll often hear people refer to wedding photography styles like Documentary, Portraiture, Fine Art, and Non-Traditional/Edgy. Of course, every photographer can use a range of styles and techniques, but everyone defines beauty differently. When you are ready to choose a wedding photographer, look for someone who matches your style.

Look for a Personality Match

While it is essential to look at a potential wedding photographer’s work with a critical eye, it is equally important to trust your gut. Look for a wedding photographer who you connect with. While you don’t need to be best friends, you do want to hire someone who will make you feel at ease. You will be spending a good portion of your wedding day with your photographer, so it is essential to have a good rapport. This relationship will come across in your photos as well! If you are annoyed with your photographer or just feeling uncomfortable with his or her direction, your wedding album will show it.

Look Through Some Full Wedding Albums

There are countless wedding photographers throughout Ireland that have amazing shots. There are far fewer, however, who have full wedding albums that will take your breath away. Of course, it isn’t essential to be blown away by every single shot, but you do want to love a photographer’s wedding albums in their entirety.

When planning your picture perfect wedding, ask to see full albums and look at them carefully and ask yourself if you would be happy if one of those were your wedding album. If you can find a photographed venue similar to yours, that is even better. Shooting photos indoors vs. outdoors; evening vs. afternoon; and other lighting factors dramatically impact photos. 

Interview Different Wedding Photographers

Having devoted plenty of time to looking through wedding photo albums online, there will come a time when you will need to meet photographers face-to-face. After you have narrowed it down to a few potentially great fits, organise interviews. Keep in mind that this is a job for us so don’t be shy! We need to interview for jobs just like anyone else and, while it is our past work experience that will get us in the door, it is that personal connection that seals the deal!

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