Engagement Ring Styles: What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Engagement Ring Styles: What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Whether you are a fashionista, a traditional lady, a tomboy, or a glamour puss there are various engagement ring styles for you that will complement and possibly enhance your personality/ Image.

Your Engagement ring and wedding ring are the symbols of your eternal love for another and you will wear them for the rest of your life.

Traditionalist / Unfussy – The Classic Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
The round brilliant shape diamond is overwhelmingly the most popular choice of diamond for the classical solitaire engagement ring. Other popular diamond shapes for a solitaire include a princess-cut diamond or a pear-shaped diamond. Whichever diamond you chose to go with there is an ageless grace and sophistication that goes with such a ring. The classic solitaire engagement ring has withstood the test of time and is designed for a showcasing performance when on the finger. Noting detracts from the stone and its timeless appeal transcends the ages.

While a lot of ladies will opt for a plain band there are many who choose to go with a diamond-encrusted band for that extra bit of sparkle.

The most popular choice for a solitaire is the classic four-claw solitaire ring followed by a six-claw solitaire engagement ring.

Diamond Cuts: Round Brilliant diamond, Emerald Cut Diamond, Asscher Cut.

4 claw solitaire engagement ring

Loud and proud and a little bit out there – Quirky Engagement Rings

For the Lady who likes to deviate from the mean but has a healthy respect for the past. The wearer of these rings expects the unexpected and are fun loving and confident. A slight twist on the band or an alternative diamond shape is a hat tip to their fun side whilst not pushing the boat out too far as to be tacky or gaudy. Often the wearer of these rings has a knack for putting people at ease and generally getting along with the whole room. Quirky and fun and perhaps a wild side.

Diamond Cuts – Princess cut Diamond, Oval Cut Diamond, Radiant Cut Diamond.

Polly 1(White) engagement ring

Bling Bling – Fashionista / Instagram Chic Engagement Rings

Bigger is better when it comes to Instagram posts. If you are looking to turn heads with a showstopper then size really does matter. To achieve the size required to really make a splash on Instagram and other social media channels you will either need a fairly hefty wallet or use some innovation to achieve size while not breaking the bank.

Diamonds are expensive. Fact. If you just have to have a large ring but your budget doesn’t allow for it, you could look to an alternative to a diamond while retaining the look without the price. The three main choices are cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, Lab Created Diamonds.

Diamond Cuts – Diamonds to cause a stir to include Pear cut Diamonds, Marquise Cut Diamonds, and Trillion Cut Diamonds.

Large Stone Diamond Ring

Lab-Grown Stones – Environmentally Friendly For Engagement

More than ever before we are receiving requests for information regarding Environmentally friendly engagement rings for the more eco-conscious buyer. The ethical question of diamond production has always been a question hovering over the diamond industry. As with any mining and mineral extraction there can and is a negative effect on the environment.

In the last few years, there have been new breakthroughs in the technology of producing lab-grown diamonds. People are often surprised to hear and see that they are every bit as good as Mined Diamonds. These new lab-grown diamonds neither compromise on Quality nor sparkle and are indeed diamonds in every way. Lab-grown Diamonds can come in all shapes and sizes to suit all budgets.

Diamond Cuts – It’s not about the What (they are) but more about the Where (they come from).

 Hand Made Jewellery

Custom Made Engagement Rings – Alternative/Creative types

Do you like to separate yourself from the herd? Feel that you would like to go for something completely different from what you find in high street shops? Maybe a custom-made engagement ring is a way to go for you. You can literally choose everything from metal colour to stone shape and the direction in which they are set. You can even choose to come away from the traditional diamond center stone and pick an entirely different precious gemstone for your ring. Popular choices include sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Opal.

May people seeking a diamond that is a little different will opt for a coloured diamond such as a canary Yellow diamond or a Brown/champagne-coloured stone. We have even had requests for black diamonds.

When it comes to the diamond people looking for something a little different will gravitate towards the princess cut or the radiant cut stone. Other popular choices are the Marquise Cut Diamond or the Cushion Cut Diamond. They can be set in a myriad of funky and alternative settings. We can help you design something completely different at Loyes Diamonds and with our custom-made ring service.

Often we see people wishing to redesign their engagement ring. Resetting the Stone or a complete overhaul in design.

Diamond Cuts – Mix and Match to your mind’s imagination.