Choose An Engagement Ring

Choose An Engagement Ring

How To Choose An Engagement Ring

To choose an engagement ring there are many considerations to make.

First and foremost you will need to decide on the style, then the metal and precious stone. Then the budget which will determine size and quality of the precious stones used.

Finding her style

The advantage of making an appointment with a Jeweller like Loyes Diamonds is that we have such a huge selection of engagement rings. You can in the comfort of our private office view a multitude of styles and shapes and designs. If we don’t stock exactly what you want we can custom design are ring to your exact specifications. When considering the perfect engagement ring you should take into account the ladies lifestyle and personality and daily activities. This should narrow down the choice for you when you choose an Engagement Ring.

Below are some recommendations into which the ladies style may fall –

Elegant and Traditional

For a timeless and elegant piece without distraction. We would recommend the Solitaire engagement ring. It is the most popular style of ring and its unfussy approach highlights the single stone as the star attraction. It is uncompromisingly and without doubt ’the engagement ring’

The most popular style of solitaire engagement ring is either a four claw or a six claw diamond on a plain band. If you require diamonds on the band we would recommend a thin band to showcase the center stone as much as possible. Solitaire are for the most part round brilliant diamonds. Princess cuts, emerald cuts and pear diamonds (tear-drop diamonds) are also very popular choices.

6 claw solitaire engagement ringZoe solitaire engagement ring

Outgoing and Stylish – Choose an Engagement Ring

To add a little more glamour to the ring the lady might prefer a slightly raised center stone. Perhaps a halo or even a double halo to add even more sparkle to the setting. These melee stones are often scallop set or Pave set and sometimes you may find channel set stones on the band.

These halo engagement rings come in many shapes and sizes. They have the added benefit of making the center stone look a lot larger. Easier on the pocket too ; )

Cushion Halo Diamond Ring yellow gold (Pippa 1)Double Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Ring- solase

Nature Loving or Eco Friendly

There are some ladies who like their ring to look organic. Often adding leaf or vine like features and contouring the ring around their fingers. If the lady is very active, she might consider a more robust setting that protects the diamond more than other settings. These settings are called bezel settings.

For the eco conscious lady there is the option of lab grown diamonds. Whereby the diamond is actually created in a lab rather than mined. These diamonds have a less detrimental effect on the environment.

Floral Engagement Ring - adonisbezel halo engagement ring

Unconventional Style

For the Lady that wishes to stand out from the crowd and be that little bit different there are a number of options. She can either try a one of a kind style ring designed by myself or one of our expert designers. We have years of experience in creating unique pieces for those looking for something just a little different. We will use our expertise and experience to help you choose an engagement ring.

If the Lady or gent would like to design a ring themselves we will offer our full support and advise on the various steps to create their dream engagement ring.

bezel halo engagement ring

Contact Loyes Diamonds to Choose An Engagement Ring

Whichever style of Engagement Rings you are considering , we would love to hear from you. If you haven’t an idea what you are looking for let us help and guide you through the process.

Not only do we have many styles to choose from, but we also can help you design a ring from idea or pictures that you bring to us.

We use our own metals in the casting process and are confident that it is the highest quality you will find available in Ireland today. All of our stones whether it be diamonds or another Gem are hand chosen. After examination and we use the best quality available.

We are confident that you will be blown away with the resulting Engagement ring.

Make an appointment to come in and discuss with us the ring of your dreams and we will make it a reality.

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