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Best Time To Get Engaged

Christmas time and Valentine’s Day are without doubt the go-to times of year to propose to your sweetheart but are they really the best times of year to ask the future Mrs_________ (enter your surname here!) for her sweet hand in marriage. Or do you think it would it be better to steer clear of the norms of our society and truly sweep her off her feet with a proposal when she least expects it.

From recent findings, we can see that a whopping 33% of people surveyed believe that Christmas Eve is the best time of year to propose. The dark autumnal evenings of planning the engagement ring purchase, trying not to act suspicious, being jumpy around emails and phone calls, suddenly all culminate to the high point of the Christmas celebration with a moment for all the family and friends and relations to share. It’s an instant party starter!

The second most popular time and when many would feel is a more private and as some would argue more romantic time is St. Valentine’s Day. This is more often than not a test of a man’s stealth and cunning to try and slip the ring shopping unbeknown to his bride-to-be and not arouse her suspicion. Unlike Christmas time there is no shopping for family and friends to hide behind here.

From our research, 29% of people indicated that Valentine’s Day is the day to go down on bended knee. As the hours tick by towards the 14th of February the butterflies have truly made a home for themselves in the very pit of his tummy and her super woman senses are on round the clock ‘what’s he up to mode’, it’s a tough one to pull off but makes the date memorable in the future.
You old romantic you!

Christmas day and New Year’s Eve are the other top times to propose around the festive season. Spirits are high and there is a warm glow about the place. At such times emotions may run high with friends and relations coming and going and old acquaintances be forgot etc etc……
Just be sure to take a little time out from the crowd and make it a special moment to savor in your minds forever.

A more personal approach would be a birthday proposal whereby a candle-lit dinner or a trip away to a romantic place will get the romantic vibes flowing. This will lead up to the essential moment where the focus is only on you, your future fiancée and whether or not you get the answer you want from the proposal!

Ultimately of course you are the best judge of your relationship and when best to propose and only you should decide on when and where to make this decision to pop the momentous question.

If choosing to go down on one knee soon, keep in mind the important factors such as what’s her favorite season? Would a romantic getaway be preferable? Does she like the beach or the snow? Whatever you choose, make sure it will be memorable…in a good way. Preparation is key!

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