aquamarine the birthstone for march

Aquamarine – Birthstone for March
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Birthstone For March Is Aquamarine.


Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March and as the Name suggests the colour of the stone conjures up images of the Sea and the great blue ocean. In fact, the name Aquamarine is Latin for ‘Sea water’.

Stones may vary from shades of a light almost transparent blue to a rich bright deep blue (most expensive) and also available in a greenish blue hue which is also rarer and therefor more expensive.

Due to the way the Aquamarine crystal is formed the stone itself is most suited to being cut in the style of ‘Emerald Cut’ and although many shapes may be cut from the crystal such a round, oval, pear and cushion cut the Emerald cut is by far the most popular. Aquamarine is a popular choice for those seeking a coloured stone ring


polished aquamarine crystalRough Aquamarine


polished aquamarine




Polished Aquamarine.




This beautiful Gem has been used in Jewelery for thousands of years. Romans and Greeks drew from its alleged mystical powers as protector to Seafarers and also as a symbol of health, youth, hope and fidelity and happiness.

Many believe it is the perfect wedding anniversary gift as it is thought to have a soothing influence on married couples and is a symbol of Love.

Areas of the world where Aquamarine is found is Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Zambia but he largest producers of Aquamarine in the world are the Brazilian and Colombia mines.

The great news is that the Aquamarine is relatively inexpensive when compared to diamonds, but buyers should always ask the question of the Jeweler if the stone is treated or untreated. Untreated bright deep blue Aquamarine is the most sought after and thus more expensive.

rough aquamarine crystal



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