– Janice – Janice

I had my first appointment with Loyes Diamonds this week. It was with Stacey. She was most professional, friendly and helpful, probably more so than other salespeople I have encountered so far. She was extremely knowledgeable and can very easily advise on what kind of diamond to go for based on what you are looking for and obviously given your budget. And I would definitely agree that there is no pressure at all to buy. They do not require a deposit and you only pay when 100% satisfied and you are not under any obligation to buy the ring even if it has been made! Another jewellers I went to required a 50% deposit initially and then remainder when ring is made.

I have been in contact with Stacey again as I am VERY interested in a particular ring. Price has been negotiated and I am now trying to make up my mind! But I have a strong feeling I’m going to have a Loyes Diamond!! : )